“There are more people without hair than Rastas than those with dread.” (Ras Samboush)

Robert Nesta Marley was born on February 6, 1945 in Nine Miles, known to everyone under the pseudonym Bob Marley, on May 11, 1981 at the age of 36. To memorialize the work of the reggae legend, his fans around the world celebrate every May 11th the anniversary of his death. And on May 11, 2022, a date on the occasion of 41And On the anniversary of his death, Ras Simpoch, a musical artist and lover of the Rasta movement, tells us more about Rastafari.

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24- Burkina Faso : Who is Bob Marley to you?

Sambokh head King Robert Nesta Bob Marley died on May 11, 1981 of cancer. Hence the global celebration of the third most influential messenger on the planet after Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Muhammad (PSL) the prophet of Islam. Despite his short 36-year career, Bob Marley’s message is scattered from generation to generation across the world.

Bob Marley is considered one of the most famous reggae musicians in the world, recognizing Peter Tosh as his master. As the honor of this day on May 11th, Bob Marley himself said: Do not live until your presence is noticed, live until you feel your absence, so Bob Marley is forever.

24- Burkina Faso What does May 11th represent to you personally?

Sambokh head May 11th is Bob Marley Memorial Day.

24- Burkina Faso : How do you celebrate it your way??

Samboush head: I first pray that Bob’s soul may rest in peace, and then I am inspired by the powerful message of the Prophet.

24- Burkina Faso Who is Bob Marley for Rastas?

Sambokh head : Bob Marley and Rasta are two different things. Bob Marley is a rasta musician. Rasta goes further than Bob Marley. Rasta is a religion to some and a religion to others.

24- Burkina Faso So why are Rastas most revered for Bob Marley?

Sambokh head : Rastas, reggaephiles, and all lovers of the true message revere him simply because Bob Marley is considered a prophet of Reggae and not Rasta.

24- Burkina Faso : Is Riga Man different from Rasta?

Sambokh head A reggae maker is a reggae singer and Rasta is a soldier of the people, a way of life, or a religion. Many reggae makers are not Rasta because Rasta is dignity, integrity and loyalty. So many so-called reggae makers dressed in dreads are mafiosi, despicable and hypocritical.

24- Burkina Faso : Is wearing dreads synonymous with being Rasta?

Sambokh head : Away from this. Rasta is ideological and is not limited to poetry. Rasta at heart. There are a lot more hairless Rastas than some of us dread.

24- Burkina Faso : Why did you choose to follow the Rasta movement?

Sambokh head The path of truth, truth, tolerance, love, non-violence and tolerance, and the great promoter of peace inspire me greatly in the Rasta movement.

24- Burkina Faso : What do you do to immortalize Bob Marley’s work?

Sambokh head The weight of his message makes his deeds eternal. Personally, I respect and support this Bob Marley coronation, and I like the music of Joseph Hill, Peter Tosh and Burning Spear more because in terms of taste and color, there is no debate.

24- Burkina Faso Is Rastafari related to drug use?

Ras Simpoch: It’s a really bad side drug. Many imagine that a synonym for Rasta is to be a smoker. This misinterpretation perishes so many young men that I feel sorrow in passing. We can only arrange the good manners of their ancestors and ignore their negative side. Some predecessors have regretted this aspect.

24- Burkina Faso : And why do so many people take advantage of this history to consume copious amounts of drugs?

Samboush head: No comment! I am only one person to answer a question directed to the masses. Everyone has their reasons.

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Interview by Cie Frederic Campo

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