The ones we’ll see everywhere in summer 2022

Summer is the perfect time to experiment cuts We wouldn’t do it in the winter. Find out your face, get creative for a picnic by the sea or to protect it from the sun. All in style. still. And just like on the fashion side, trends come and go, even from our side mane. Since the first rays of the sun, some styles of hairstyles have emerged. From the simplest to the most complicatedThere is something for every taste. We unpack all this with you.

Summer 2022 hairstyle: braids stick out on top

Love braids but get the impression that they look feminine? Think again. This season cue solid, strong It is worn in all its forms. braids On the cob, small braids framing the face, glued or crown braids. Braid everywhere. Just a prerequisite? know how to do it. You can also go to a salon to do braids. Big advantage of cue and that clean your hair Perfect when you’re too hot.

Summer 2022 Hairstyle: Low Bun

The low bun Don’t expect to be overwhelmed by new trends. Already in fashion last season, a low bun is a safe source. Chic as much as it is casual, it can be worn for any occasion. If you are going out at night, just add a little freeze To flatten everything and bring a side luster for your hairstyle. During the day, all you have to do is part the middle and tie your hair into a low bun. A very elegant alternative is to make this low bun with side parting plated.

Summer 2022 hairstyle: wet hair

As you understand, this summer is the return of the great classics. The wet hair So it’s back to the catwalks but also on Beach. And what is better than summer to wear this hairstyle? To reproduce this look, nothing could be simpler. When you’re done showering, apply a hair oil or leave-in conditioner to your ends and lengths. This will protect your hair from the sun while giving it a “wet” look. Once it’s dinner time and more SophisticatedRepeat the same technique but on connected hair.

Summer 2022 hairstyle: how to protect your hair from the sun’s rays?

in summer , Poetry more than ever weakened. So it is important to embrace this right reactions To protect them as much as possible the sunOr sea or swimming pool water. First of all, it is important to hydrate. Drinking water helps moisturize your skin and hair. But this is clearly not enough. It will be necessary to bet on which protective oils to use before and / or during the exhibition. There are also sunscreens designed specifically for hair. Don’t forget to bring a mask wetting With you once a week. You can also wrap your hair in a scarf.

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