Men’s Haircuts: Hairstyle Trends for 2022

Gone are the days when men paid so little attention to their hairstyles! For some time now, the male has been doubling down on his efforts to embrace popular hair trends. If hair trends are developing timidly more than women, we’re still seeing new trends for Summer 2022. Zoom in on men’s trends thanks to the scissors of Ophélia-Anna Nagar, owner of Men’s Club!

There is no doubt that more and more men are visiting specialized hairdressing salons. The barber’s job has not only been liberated, it is now recognized for its fair value.

If, in the past, only women had the right to professional hairdressers to improve their hair, now it is the turn of men to take care of it. To maintain their new hair identity, they visit their hairdresser or barber more often.

For Ophelia-Anne Nagar, directions are important, but not at any cost. “A good hairdresser knows hair trends and knows how to adapt them to the person in front of him. A man’s haircut should also harmonize with the shape of the face and style of dress.”

1. Trendy men’s haircut: The Beatles Enhanced

More than sixty years after their formation, the Beatles are still as influential as ever. If men adopt the pieces of the Beatles, they make sure above all that they are adapted to the taste of the day. Contrary to what has been done in the past, the Beatles benefit from cutting curly hair. For a little longer, this haircut keeps its rounded shape without sideburns.

Who is this haircut suitable for? Ophelia-Anne is unmistakable: a haircut with a rounded appearance is suitable for men who have a square or rectangular face, but not an oval one. It is also ideal for men who have naturally curly hair.

2. A trendy haircut for men: the modern mullet

Recently, the mullet trend is back in force, for both men and women. Once again, trichologists managed to breathe the same fresh air into it. This time, the difference in length between the front and back is less noticeable. This haircut is more flowy, more structured, and more squared than previously seen. If some wore an S.back licking Backwards, others will prefer it top cropsfocusing on the size of the top of the head.

Who is this haircut suitable for? According to Ophelia Ann, the mullet haircut is more suitable for men who have a round face because this type of hairstyle tends to lengthen it. But, it is always possible to adapt it to the shape of the face.

3. Trendy haircuts for men: buzz cut hair

This trendy haircut draws its influence from the streets. To wear it proudly, all you have to do is maintain your hair regularly so that it stays short. It is possible to create shapes on the skull or add colors to enhance its pretentious appearance. Perfect for the summer season, the buzz cut is the perfect hairdo for those who like to wear a hat.

Who is this haircut suitable for? Opheplia-Anne believes that this type of haircut can suit many men. The length of the wound should simply be adapted to the morphology of the head.

Apart from trendy men’s hairstyles, Ophelia-Anne has noticed the emergence of certain major trends, while others are starting to run out.

curly hair for men

Lucky people, who have naturally curly hair, can use styling products to improve their cut. “Styling cream is ideal for men with naturally thicker hair, while styling paste is for men with thinner hair,” explains the specialist.

If perm was long reserved for the female elite, then this is a thing of the past. Ophelia-Anne confirms this trend: more and more men are showing the desire to have very curly hair.

Natural yields gallop!

The old cut, which offered a well-defined parting on one side of the head and a smooth cut on the other, is no longer a trend. This season, nature trumps everything else. Men’s haircuts are flexible, easy to style and a little shaggy. The male sex must tolerate the natural movement of its hair.

Speaking of nature, the expert assures us that coloring is less and less present this season. When you do, it’s just to give the hair a golden, natural shine… a bit like sunshine!

Beard under the scalpel!

For years, men wore long, majestic beards. This is now a thing of the past. In the summer of 2022, men will be able to lighten their hair. We prefer short and square beards. The only place where facial hair is a little longer is at the level of the mustache.

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