“I’ve changed my look a little bit, it’s the cure that wants it”

Florent Bagnay has been fighting cancer for several months. In fact, last January the singer announced to his community the sad news: a tumor has settled in his lung. Then you should bracket it 60 years tour Following a protocol consisting of chemotherapy and x-rays for a period of six months.

A treatment that is not without consequences… Florent Bagni decided to expect his hair to fall out by shaving. Last March, a clean-shaven appeared during the concert in support of Ukraine. This Tuesday, May 10, The Voice coach shared a new video. The singer, who has a strong relationship with his fans, wants to share the development of his disease without a filter and with complete transparency. Thus, Florent Bagni appears in front of the camera without hair, without a beard, without eyebrows … a change in appearance known to cancer patients who have undergone chemotherapy sessions. Florent Bagni says: I changed my look a bit because the treatment is what he wants. I will get used to it and it will pass Already in front of cameras TF1Florent Bagni opened up about it while filming the eleventh season of The Voice: These chemicals make you lose your hair a little bit but that’s okay, it doesn’t stop us from staying in good shape and looking good “.

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love messages

Florent Bagni remains optimistic. A state of mind that continues to guide him despite the discovery of his tumor. He explains: The protocol worked fine. From the first two chemical drugs, my tumor, which was the size of a kiwi, turned into a nut. Right behind us we sent in a lot of radiotherapy and more intense chemotherapy. “Result? Didn’t he More than chemotherapy He confirms: I’m fine. We are very confident “.

Florent Bagni confirms how well it went: “ It went very well because I received good medical support, and I received good support from my other half, my children determines that this is also a consequence of: Thousands of messages and testimonials of love of support, good feelings. I think it also helped me pass this story along in this way “.

the following ? ” I’ll finish chemotherapy, then I’ll get stronger and fuller. And then, if all goes well, we’ll meet again next year to finish what I started. It will be called the 61st Birthday Tour. »

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