In felonies, the former firefighter denied that he strangled an unborn man with Madeleine

‘I insist on my innocence’: The former firefighter was tried for strangling Madeleine, on a life pension charge that continues, and denied the charges Wednesday morning, at the opening of his trial before the Assize Court in Tours.

Alan C. To a crowded courtroom, flanked by two agents from the prison administration. Dressed in a neatly striped white shirt and beige pants, with very short hair, the ex-soldier refused his name in a clear voice.

He showed no reaction while recalling the facts read out by President Aude Christo. When asked by the judge, the 63-year-old retained his position, as he had during the entire investigation.

“I insist on my innocence. I just spent 1,170 days in prison. Three years of humiliation, I separated from my wife. I hope the truth will come out and my innocence will be recognized,” the defendant declared calmly, and has since been imprisoned May 23, 2019.

Yvette b. , 92, from the Alzheimer’s treatment unit at Turin nursing home, died May 13, 2019 in her bed, with a cut of Madeleine in her mouth.

The accused had visited him minutes earlier, and brought with him a parcel of industrial materials of a well-known brand. The motorcyclist had locked the room’s door, a behavior that raised questions among the nursing staff present on Monday at the end of the afternoon.

If the autopsy revealed suffocation of a foreign body, possibly of food origin, then forensic experience did not allow to establish a definite presence of third-party interference in the death of the unborn.

But her health did not allow her to help herself. She only ate food cut into very small pieces. “Mixed,” iPad employees said.

– ‘Help’ and ‘fun’ –

During the investigation, the accused confirmed that he did not put Madeleine in the mouth of the victim, who, according to him, was alive when he left the nursing home. According to his defenders, father and son Abed Benjdour, the instructions did not shed light on the possible modus operandi of the former firefighter.

Other elements raised the investigators’ suspicions.

The account of the accused’s facts differed at times, he was linked to the unborn with an annuity contracted in 1995 on the victim’s family home.

This form of purchase did not allow him to resell the house to embark on a real estate project with his wife when he was nearing retirement. Deberentier had told police that the victim “would have died in time”.

At the time of the events, the sexologist had already contacted the agencies with the goal of selling this house and buying land in Bléré (Indre-et-Loire). The investigation identified 47 subpoenas for real estate professionals.

In addition, the guy recently increased the number of his visits to the nursing home, which until then had been in a distant relationship with his former neighbor.

Those close to him described the man as “helpful” and “fun”. The president noted his “commitment” to others, even in his last career as a big house maker, where he was “appreciated”.

Alan C. He faces life imprisonment.

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