illiteracy. I learned to read and write at the age of fifty. Itinerary of a woman who found the words

Aline Le Guluche takes her story from conference to conference and region to region. This 60-year-old woman could not read or write 10 years ago. She went back to school and wrote a book on her own recounting her journey through illiteracy. You will be in Léchiagat, in Finistere, on Friday. Meets.

As a child, Aline Le Gulucci loved theater, dance and cinema. “Just for that, you had to master the words” she says. She could not read or write. “I was not illiterate because I knew my alphabet. I was my mother”.
Words, you made it strong today. She became an ambassador to fight illiteracy. She even wrote a book about her life’s journey. Because, 10 years ago, Allen went back to school “re-learning”.

This farmer’s daughter, the last of eight siblings, enters first grade at the age of six, like all the other students her age. She’s her late 60’s and she’s dyslexic, “But at the time, we didn’t talk about it and the parents weren’t very interactive about it.”

In class, she is harassed. humiliate the teacher “Maltreatment” Whoever hits her, pulls her hair, punishes her by putting her on the knees on the ruler, calling her “village girl” With all the class disdain this phrase implies. “The sons and daughters of the grocer, the mayor, left them alone. We, the children of rural areas, smell like cows, not because we were dirty, but simply because before we went to school we looked after the animals and they smelled on us” .

She forbids learning to read and write in front of this teacher who decides she doesn’t deserve it. “Even now, if someone is behind me when I’m writing, I shiver, I panic” He is captivated by this 60-year-old woman who all her life had to pervert to hide her illiteracy.

Aline Le Guluche left her education on the side of the road at the age of 16 and went to work in a factory. “It was very easy for me because the president’s secretary was taking care of all the paperwork, She remembers. When transcribing, I knew how to do it because I’m not mentally retarded. But it ended there.

At the age of thirty, she changed employers. A Parisian hospital rents it. “I thought I’d do the laundry, the housework, but that’s life, it’s not, I smiled. I have been asked to take care of the entries and lists for patient lists ”.

So I decided it. to the best of their ability. Trying to decipher the words written by another hand. “T and O, that is TO, M, A, MA, T, E, TE etc., she says. It was slow, long, laborious, I didn’t understand all the letter combinations. it was impossible”.
In the evening, at home, Allen brings the rolls and does her homework “To learn how to write ‘yogurt,’ ‘cucumber’, and ‘cheese.’ I was working on being calm. I didn’t want my kids to see me.”.

Allen says shame sticks to her, evokes System D so you don’t have to write or read sentences like “I forgot my glasses”And “My handwriting is bad” Used to avoid the look.

I said “that’s enough, I’m tired, I want to develop and go back to school”

However, she continues to operate until the day she decides to write to her employer. Or rather, it is her daughter who will write the letter that she will copy. “I asked him for refresher courses, It’s related. He didn’t understand, because he had my mail in his hands.”. It ends up crumbling and dropping everything. “I said ‘Enough, I’m tired, I want to develop and go back to school.’ That’s how I started at the age of 50 learning the meaning of sentences, syntax, and words”.

His career is concerned with the National Agency for Combating Illiteracy, which offers him testimony at public conferences. She is more inclined to put herself down “withdrawn” He finds himself in full light. “I go there for the cause and for the cause, I managed to get through my stress”. Even Lancome noticed her and asked her to be the spokesperson for its program to combat illiteracy among women in France, write your future.

writing I learned to read at the age of fifty, which she wrote alone in 2016, sounds like catharsis. This is not a common place for this glowing-faced woman. “Going back to school gave me strength, She trusts. There is now another Allen who has outdone herself. I feel transformed”.

In 2020, when this story was published on paper, she left big in tears. “Being in my hands, I couldn’t believe it. Especially as I was deceived by writing it on my computer, She laughs. I still misspellings, so the corrector and search engines for some words helped me a lot”.

In France, 2.5 million people are illiterate, including 4,000 in Brittany. To testify, to talk about it, to emphasize the tools to be developed, this is now the task entrusted to her by Alain Le Gulucci.

You will come to Léchiagat, on Friday, on the occasion of a conference organized by the Secular Friendship Group of the Bigouden region.

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