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Who said you have to have a Rapunzel mane to enjoy a beautiful modern bun? Low, high, bohemian, braided, rope knot or messy, the bun on short hair is no longer an impossible task. There are many beauties whose hair does not reach their shoulders. Is this the case with you? Reassure yourself quickly! The cake looks great on an XS square.

10+ ideas for a successful bun on short hair?

On catwalks as well as on the street, the square cut has quickly become a staple hair trend. What is the downside? It is not easy to link. Fortunately, the bun comes in several versions that adapt to every length and every hair type. Zoom in on some good ideas for the best hairstyle ever, no matter what your hair is.

Bun on short hair: lessons and looks for theft

Make short hair bun end bangs tutorial

What do you do with short hair? For a chic hair look, the sparkle spike is a bun from every angle. And yes, even on XS Manes! For girls whose hair falls at shoulder level or above, you have several options to associate a pixie or bob haircut with bangs. And the tutorials on Pinterest and Instagram are proof of that! When you start looking for a hairstyle idea to improve your hair, the most natural solution is to look for inspiration online. Low, high, bohemian, tousled bun on short curly, frizzy, smooth or straight afro hair: social networks are full of step-by-step instructions for creating a bun without the lengths.

Easy Banana Bun on XS Hair

Easy short and fluffy hair

In two and three moves, the banana knot transforms the mores of the XS by giving it rock-chic style that’s unparalleled. How do you do it at home? Start by arranging the hair. For this purpose, paint all your hair, varnish and varnish back, then comb back. Form a shell on the top of the head and secure it with flat bobby pins. Then bring your belly completely back as if to form a banana, and then fix it. Feel free to use wax or gel to pull the tiny hairs in. Finally, varnish to hold it.

Low bun on easy short hair

easy short hair bun

Girls with short, thin hair can also choose between a low bun and a side bun. To make a Hailey Pepper bun, make a small tail at the nape of the neck and wrap it in on itself, then wrap it around the elastic and secure band with flat bobby pins. Paint and use wax to flatten the small bristles. For the bun on the side, bring your mane to the side and follow the same principle of perception.

Bohemian bun on short curly hair

short curly hair bun

On curly hair, create a bohemian high bun while leaving several loose curls on each side. Enchanting effect guaranteed!

Bun for short thin hair

Even without the lengths, you can make an organized and flawless bun. Good trick? Hide rubber bands and pins by choosing the right hair accessories: trendy barrettes, giant headbands, scarves, etc.

Half braided bun for pimp short bob

Half short square braid hair bun with bun cuff bangs

Are you looking for a hairstyle idea to liven up your short bob? Nothing like half a cake. For a more authentic look, we’ve braided the top!

Bun on short hair with a braid

short braid hair bun

The braided bun is not just for tall girls. Here, it’s a clingy mat starting at the back of the neck and running up to the bun.

An easy-to-crab bun on short, fine hair

Short Hair Bun Easy Tutorial Messy Bohemian Bun Woman Hailey Bieber's Bun

No length is needed to wear a pretty messy bun! We make a high bun in a hurry to have a look an effort And neat.

Wedding hairstyle: rope bun on short hair

short hair wedding bun

Whether you have straight or curly hair, short or long, the knot rope bun is suitable for all natures and all lengths. Besides, it makes a wonderful wedding hairstyle idea for short hair.

Knots on afro hair relaxed

Rihanna short afro hair bun

Low bun on short hair with curtain bangs

bohemian bun on short hair

Knots on curly hair

The knot on short curly curly hair

Messy bun with short and thin hair

Messy short hair bun end Hailey Bieber hair accessory scrunchy

Bohemian bun on colorful short hair

bohemian short hair bun

Messy bun on short hair with long bangs

Short hair bun with messy bangs Victoria Beckham bun

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