How to maintain its color correctly?

Spring is well established, and hair trends Follow each other to serve us up with the hottest seasonal look ever. Let’s say, if we clean our house, sort our wardrobe, the sun also announces a comeback blonde on our hair. Whether we have natural light golden hair, or have highlighted hair, we like to refresh our hair a bit. blonde And sport a luminous mane as desired. However, it is as elegant as blond positionThis color requires (a lot) of maintenance and love. There are some rules to follow if you want to keep it shiny. So, if you are a lucky owner of a solar head, here it is How to maintain your blonde.

How do you keep your blonde in the sun?

If we can’t wait to see our sumptuously accompanied terraces blondeI’m not sure our color is a big fan of the sun. We will love them Ray reflections of it on our skin, but less than the damage it causes. With summer vacation approaching, we have Poetry You will have to face the assaults of the sea, salt, chlorine and the sun. So it is necessary to We keep our blonde hairIf you don’t want to go back to school with unhealthy hair. A bit like our skin, to take advantage of the effects of UV rays without any consequences, we will use sun protection. Yes Yes , Sun protection Capillaries are present. Many professional brands have developed protective sprays to put on our hair before we get exposed to it. Thus, we can spread our hair without fear of having to have an emergency rescue at the end of summer.

How do you maintain your blonde by moisturizing it well?

If you are not lucky enough to get a file natural blonde, we necessarily had to go through the color change box. Whoever says bleaching says his hair mistreats him. And yes, even if your hairdresser puts all the sweetness of the world into your life being scannedThe products used to get beautiful blond They are not our hair allies. But do not panic, it does not mean that you have to do without it. It just means that you’ll have to make sure to pamper them once blond mane. And what is the key to repairing our hair fibers? wetting. Like always our skin, our hair needs to be deeply moisturized and nourished in order not to become dull and brittle. To avoid this, just apply a file Intensive repair treatment or one Very nourishing care twice a week. Obviously, your care should meet the other needs of your hair, for example, if it is good, thick, curly, curly …

Keep your blonde hair and avoid yellow reflections

Be careful, when going to blondeShe’ll have to review her entire hair collection. Wrong choice of products can change our color. You know, when you have blonde hair, you have an ally: the Purple shampoo. This pigmentation treatment will help us fight the little things Highlights yellow and orange who are trying to call themselves on our blonde. This shampoo should not be used with every hair wash. Use it only once a week, and during other washes, use the appropriate care for your hair’s needs. However, watch out for some well-hidden enemies. If we know the reputation of oil baths for pampering our hair, they are, on the other hand, our enemies. Blonde hair. Because ? The colored oils will enrich our hair fibers and it will change the blonde color. Obviously some oils mean no harm to us, but we avoid all those that are not colorless.

How do you maintain and refresh your blonde?

Apparently most of the blonde’s maintenance is done in our bathroom. If we do not adopt the truth hair routine On a daily basis, we have blonde It won’t be as hot as stepping out of the hairdresser. But to keep the color more elegant, we’ll have to do a quarterly update with our favorite pro. In fact, there is nothing more effective than a patina Revive the radiance of our blonde And give her a new life. No need to go there every week. a patina Every 3 months is enough to rediscover and appreciate your color as on the first day. The patina It allows us to restore our color to its full shine, but also to intensify the reflections by applying a veil of color to our hair. It will come to cut off unwanted effects that are trying to invite themselves on your blonde and spoil your coloring.

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