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red alert

Celebrity colorist Gigi Hadid has been sending a powerful message recently by adopting auburn red and then mahogany red. Several models chose shades of copper, burnt caramel or strawberry blond. Regardless of all these variables, it’s a natural red that’s going to set fire to a lot of men this year, forecasts Sarah Jane Cross, hairstylist and colorist at Salon Le Artof in Montreal. “We can even pretend it’s our real shade, and the result is very real,” says the specialist. Cachotier, go ahead!

Caution is weak The red color fades quickly and requires constant maintenance. They need targeted shampoos and moisturizing treatments.

Chocolate brown hair

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Chocolate color

Model Hailey Bieber is always on the cutting edge of hair color trends, according to Sarah Jane Cross. More than 40 million followers on Instagram follow her color experiments, from balayage blonde to gum pink.

His return to its original color, chocolate brown, had an undeniable effect: it’s one of the most sought after shades of the moment!

Blonde hair

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hot blondes

“Blond people are looking for warmth before anything else this spring,” Sarah Jane Cross says. Heading to the sweets will have golden or honey nuances. Do you want a boost? We call the very pale blond kid, who always remembers childhood hair.

pastel hair

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Pop pigments

The madness of nature does not exclude daring and non-conformity. “Pastel tones are dominant, especially pink,” notes Sarah Jane Cross.

The playful color is especially evident in the large locks on the sides of the face – reminiscent of the ’90s. Another way to play up playful tones: marry natural roots in half lengths or ends dipped in purple, blue, green …

hair dye

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Minimum maintenance, maximum gloss

Consumers have given their hair a useful long break and want to continue on that path. Sarah Jane Cruz notes that “hair health comes first, with minimal effective maintenance.”

According to her, a very shiny fiber is one of the requirements of customers. A good way to achieve this is to apply hair polish (in the salon or at home). It’s an ammonia-free, translucent or tinted glossy treatment that smooths the cuticle on the hair shaft, creating a smooth surface that reflects more light. It retains its luster for 4 to 6 weeks.

Curly hair

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free episodes

Voluptuous braids and afro-strings retaliate against the rigidity imposed by years of aesthetic dictates. “This quest for nature was present before the pandemic crisis. The nappy movement (natural hair movement), born in the United States in the 2000s, encouraged people with curly hair to be proud of their hair heritage. Social media has also contributed to shattering the image of smooth hair as the ultimate standard of beauty,” says Roxanne Chips, lead stylist and co-owner of Salon Narcisse and Eco in Montreal.

Band aid Wavy and curly hair needs a lot of hydration. Active Ingredients to Look for in Skin Care: Shea Butter, Avocado, Coconut, Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil.

liquid hair

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liquid hair

“Liquid Hair” is buzzing on TikTok and Instagram. Why this strange name? “It’s so lustrous that it appears to reflect light like water,” Roxane Cheibes explains. Hair is much softer than the famous glass hair of 2020: the flow of this hair flows at the slightest movement of the head. Optimal effect on the tall man. At the hair salon, Tifs first receive a keratin treatment, which will re-bond the damaged scales of the fibers (thereby increasing hydration and shine). Then it is dried and smoothed with a flat iron.

at home Prep hair with a conditioning shampoo, moisturizing conditioner and heat protectant serum. A nozzle is attached to the hair dryer to obtain a concentrated jet of air, and then the locks are ironed with a flat iron. We finish by spraying the final shine on the lower half of the hair.

Bob cut his hair

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This short square emphasizes its presence on both smooth and curly hair. As simple as that, pop offers many variations. Its length oscillates between the level of the earlobe and the tip of the chin. sharp cut version (Planet Pop) has no gradation. The appearance is very smooth to highlight the precision of the cut. Andre-Anne Brassard, portfolio artist at L’Oréal Professionnel Canada and professor of hairstylist at Victor Salon in Gatineau, says Beautistas often straighten them in micro-waves with a curling iron.

Another variation, the plunge bob, skims the nape of the neck and elongates forward. The ends can be curved inward to add a touch of the ’60s. Finally, the raw square (hack bob) without too much detail to create a rough and messy effect.

The details that matter “The skate plays an important role. Central and well-defined, it emphasizes the symmetry of the cut. If turned to the side, it softens the features,” defines André-Anne Brassard.

applied hair

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The hairstylist had it right: decadent cuts are a must this spring. pixie (fusion pixie and bob) a hybrid: short hair in the front and top of the head, and longer locks on the back of the neck. “It’s a good solution for those who want to have a clear face, while maintaining a certain length in the back,” says Andrée-Ann Brassard.

The pioneering hairstyle of the 70s … and in 2022, he was shag It consists in cutting the hair in “steps” to create an intense gradient. It is often accompanied by a margin. Curly heads are ideal candidates for this style.

Not a fan of Bold Scissors? Those who want to patiently preserve their acquired centimeters will turn to the long gradient, which creates movement in the hair mass thanks to the shortened locks here and there, according to Andre-Anne Brassard.

pixie has been subjugated To smooth the rocky style of this cut, apply styling cream to the sides and tuck the hair behind the ears.


Photo: Imaxtree

good margin

Easier to wear than the very straight version, the fringe extends from the center of the face to the sides. According to Andre-Anne Brassard, it is suitable for all body types.


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traditional braids

Romantic entanglement game of thrones Make way for African braids, which are just as gorgeous. plated mats (Cornrose) are well arrayed or run helically on the skull, according to secular tradition. Extensions allow for crazier hair dreams, like stunning braids that hang down to your knees.

good gesture To preserve the beauty of the mats, we wrap them in a silk cover before going to bed or sleeping on a satin pillow.

blow dry hair

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brushing 1990

Glamorous supermodel stunts are back in the ’90s. How do you mimic the delicate waves of Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen? “We bring in our big Velcro rolls!” says Evangelia Pavlakos, hairstylist and esthetician.

After blow drying hair with a round brush and hair dryer, apply the rollers, strand by strand, while hair is still warm. We wait about ten minutes, the time cools down. A brushstroke and… Tadam!

professional advice For maximum volume, we are looking for rolls of 6 cm (and more) in diameter.


Barrettes, Simons, $25 and $12. Photo: Instagram @tomford

clasps galore

Singer Lizzo does nothing in moderation…especially when it comes to her hair accessories. “She loves to wear barrettes in abundance. Up to 10 at the same time! Evangelia Pavlakos cheers. Bling-bling with emblems, butterfly patterns and salon-used “duckbill” clips, enhanced with rhinestones.

on the radar Perforated geometric clips of plastic or metal.

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