Everything you need to know about sluggish skin and hair

The word that is currently on everyone’s lips (or rather on all faces and hair)? beating. But what is this new technology that promises perfectly hydrated skin and hair? Explanations with Marie Drago, MD, Gallinée Brand Founder, and Michel Sayag, Director of Clinical Strategy for NAOS Laboratories (Bioderma) and hairstylist Thomas Tuccinardi.

How do we embrace the lazy, the secret to beautiful skin for Koreans?

direction beating – From the word “slug” which in French translates to “limace” – comes to us from K-Beauty.

Popular on TikTok – 258 million hashtag visits #slugging There are countless videos of millennials arguing that technology beating may change” [leur] skin.” Concretely, it is a matter of coating the face with very rich occlusive emollients (the most famous of which is petroleum jelly) before going to bed. The goal? Create a barrier that locks in moisture and maximizes the effectiveness of active ingredients of our beauty products.

lenamaiah Slugging changed my skin #winterskin #dryskin #lenasrecs? original sound – Lena

The idea behind beating It is to apply Vaseline as a moisturizing mask in a thick layer. Since it is a very clogged product, it will prevent water evaporation which increases the hydration of the skin and makes it very shiny”, explains Marie Drago. beating Both are “stupidly effective and prehistoric”: “It is very strange to go back to Vaseline because since its discovery at the end of the nineteenth century we have made tremendous progress and, above all, have developed products with greater precision!”

Using Vaseline on the Face: Good or Bad Idea?

Unlike other trends (such as applying lubricants as a basis for example), There will be no risk to try beating. In fact, Vaseline is a petroleum-derived mineral oil, very viscous, and has an inert property: “It is so hypoallergenic that it is used to perform some allergy tests. C It is also a very useful and a widespread ingredient in cosmetics because it acts as an excipient for the active ingredients”, points out Michelle. Sayag.

The obverse of the coin, due to its enclosed nature, Vaseline is said to be comedonal, meaning thatIt prevents the natural discharge of sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands and causes the appearance of pimples and enlarged pores.. This is why most dermatologists advise against using Vaseline (and therefore beatingFor acne-prone and/or combination skin: “It’s like putting a rubber film on the skin. Everything underneath will stay put. So if you have blemishes on your face, they’ll stay there,” develops Marie Drago.

Another black spot Vaseline is accused of being a carcinogen : “Despite its potentially frightening origin (petroleum, editor’s note), Vaseline has been a substance known for a very long time and is the subject of serious observation,” states Michele Sayag. “The only concern we can have is when the source of the petroleum jelly is uncertain. In cosmetics, we use only refined and purified, pharmaceutical grade petroleum jelly.”

finally, Vaseline is not the most Cleaning makeup : Derived from non-renewable fossil energy, produced via a polluting, non-biodegradable process… At a time when the entire beauty industry is considering solutions to reduce its footprint on the planet, choosing to use Vaseline may seem counterproductive. Even if, as Marie Drago points out, “Vaseline is virtually recyclable because we’ll be using petroleum residues to create the substance.”

Is laziness without Vaseline possible?

Too greasy, too sticky… Vaseline is not the most amazing and sensual product in the world. What’s more, it’s not what treats skin lacking in hydration: “The trick beating Provides an instant moisturizing effect. The problem is that the process has to be repeated every day”, recalls Michele Sayag. For this reason, it would be better to resort to a product with an occlusive composition, to prevent water loss, but also to moisturize., To absorb water.

The expert also recommends adding active ingredients to your routine that will not have an effect in time T but, when applied, will Strengthens the skin barrier and reduces water loss Like Squalane for example, an active ingredient with properties similar to those of sebum. In the list of other substances to adopt to strengthen your skin barrier, we can also mention ceramides or niacinamide.

do you want copy concept beating Without the use of Vaseline ? Refer to other ingredients that also have a strong occlusive power such as beeswax, lanolin, or even the highly criticized silicones.

Hair cracking, the miracle recipe for wet hair?

Starting with the principle that beating increases skin hydration, Some had the idea to transfer the technology to their hair. Only, there’s no doubt about coating their fibers with Vaseline: Understood hair slowdown It consists of leaving your treatment (mask, oil, serum, etc.) on overnight, while wrapping your hair in… a sock. A technology that has already been adopted for centuries by people with curly, frizzy or frizzy hair to protect their curls.

But is it really a good idea for all hair types? “If you don’t have time to leave your mask on for at least 10 minutes in the shower, I actually recommend applying it before going to bed because it allows the treatment to take effect. But you should know that Most of the products’ active ingredients work on average 1 to 3 hours : After these deadlines, the treatment will have no effect,” warns hairstylist Thomas Tocinardi.

Hair slowdown: how do we proceed?

Step one before you start: Prep your hair fibres. Recommend Thomas Tocinardi Works on damp hair, towel dry after washing : “It is always important to pull your hair well before performing a treatment, or else it will be waterlogged and lose its effectiveness.” Also, instead of using a sock, choose a hot towel which, in addition to protecting the pillows, will open up the scales of the hair and enhance the penetration of the treatment. Finally, also remember to distribute the products evenly with a brush that adapts to your hair type.

But which product to choose? Precisely everything will depend on your hair type: “Due to its drier nature, curly hair has deeper hydration and nourishment needs than most,” explains the hairstylist. Instead, opt for masks specifically designed for curly hair — very rich — that will repair and nourish hair: “Apply product only from mid-lengths to ends, to avoid greasy scalp.” Those with fine hair prefer “light” formulations such as hair serum for example, while people with thicker hair can use oil (coconut, jojoba, argan …), moisturizers, masks or repair materials.

And when you wake up do you wash your hair? Our experts are emphatic: “If you leave a mask on overnight, I recommend rinsing your hair well in the morning, but it is not necessary to shampoo the hair. You can then apply a styling cream that controls your hair to avoid frizz and get perfection. Nutrition: For those who washed their hair the day before And they have dry hair, apply a formula (leave-on hair treatment).

On the other side, No need to reboot hair slowdown every night : “We tend to forget the importance of taking care of your hair with a regular routine. So pick a day of the week, Sunday for example, to see results quickly and permanently.”

Discover our selection of treatments to embrace the trend beating In the slideshowto me less.

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