Do you know ? We don’t all want to cut fat at the hairdresser

We don’t all necessarily want to talk when we’re just there to get a haircut. What if it was possible to remain silent, without coming across as arrogant?

Extroverts and talkers may not understand this concept. However, in the UK, a neat little shape allows customers of some hairdressers to cut their hair without having to tell their whole life story.

Little kobet, quiet

If cutting your hair and massaging your scalp can be a moment of real pleasure, it can also turn into a rather pleasant moment, once the hairdresser or hairdresser wants to chat, out of traditional politeness. Just because it has an easy act.

But that’s not always the case for someone who’s come to shorten their ends or try a curtain fringe.

Plus, it’s often very difficult to match the sound of a hair dryer or water in your ears (always very hot by the way), and the message to do so in silence can be very clear.

Parfois, on a juste envie de se détendre, de poser son royal fessier dans un siège en skaï qui colle au cuissot et de se faire shampouiner sans parler, sans penser, sans se raconter une vie bien plus’ qutré pidan In fact. Sometimes we just want to come in and do what’s planned, a haircut, and thank you kisses.

In England, as reported by The Guardian, some hairdressing salons have been set up Questionnaire to be completed by the customerso he can decide if he wants to trim the end of the fat or not.

In this way, there is no inconvenience, no rudeness and arrogance, just a desire expressed from the very beginning by those who want silence.

Rare photo of a guy in a hair salon who doesn’t have to tell his entire life story since kindergarten – Credits: Jacob Lund

Hair salon, a simple moment of relaxation

Aside from this paradigm that can help listen to the quietest of people, Redmond Cliff, salon manager for Edwards and Co’s hair group, also talks about the emotional intelligence of hairstylists in front of their clients. Know when silence is good, depending on the person in front of you:

Hairdressers are very good at interpreting people’s vibrations. Hairdressers are generally known to be a “very talkative industry,” but salons are also all-encompassing spaces, meaning that some clients want, and should be able, to calm down and relax without talking.

Redmond Cliff for the Guardian

In addition, it would also be good to spare a little hairdressers and hairdressers, who often take great emotional waves from their clients, who pair a clearing session with a psychotherapy session.

Come on, the next steps: We do it in France, expanding the concept to trips by VTC, taxis, beauty salons (nobody wants to talk about SIF waxing, let’s be honest), queues in stores and bus stops. I promise it won’t stop people from socializing or talking to each other, it will help a little more to respect other people’s wishes, that’s all.

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