Cutting, exfoliation, nutritional supplements…everything to strengthen damaged hair

Did frequent brushing and brushing end up weakening your hair? Don’t panic! We explain how to take care of it so it matches your hair again!

Foods to eat for beautiful hair

to beautiful hair, it also passes through the board. For this, we prefer animal and vegetable proteins – the main components of hair. We consume meat, fish, eggs, soybeans, quinoa…but also iron which allows good oxygen to the hair cells. Found in calf liver, black pudding, lentils … We continue our efforts by stocking fruits and vegetables rich in flavonoids – antioxidants that promote microcirculation in the scalp. It contains red fruits, apples, spinach and broccoli. Finally, we consume foods rich in omega-3 – essential fatty acids that ensure good hydration of the hair fibre. Choose from fatty fish (salmon, sardines, mackerel) and some oils (rapeseed, camelina).

Choose a suitable shampoo

Our hair is exposed to a whole host of assaults on a daily basis. Straightener, hair dryer, compress … To restore their vitality, we adopt a Revitalizing shampoo. We change up our routine with a shampoo infused with SOS active ingredients to restore hair color, from roots to ends. consequences ? Our hair will be less brittle and visibly increase in volume.

Our shopping selection:

  • Blood Orange Extract, Vitamin C and Biotin Fructis vitamins and strength, Garnier, 3.30 euros.
  • organic quinine and edelweiss shampoo, Chlorine, 7.50 euros.
  • Keratin and Argan oil for shampoo Organic Keratin, Biocyte, 15 €.
  • With organic guarana and niaouli, Hair strengthening shampoo, So’Bio Étic, 5.40 €.
  • Atlas cedar essential oil for Micellar cleaner, Coelho, 35 euros.

Scalp exfoliation to rejuvenate your skin

Dust, oil, dead skin, product residue clog our pores Scalp It prevents hair growth. To allow the scalp to breathe, it is not always enough to use shampoo. good idea? Exfoliate your scalp once a month with an exfoliating shampoo. How do ? On wet hair, massage it in circular motions, without rubbing so as not to irritate the sebaceous glands. As a bonus, a healthy scalp will benefit more from the care that must be followed.

Our shopping selection:

  • Purifying and purifying scrub, Coco & Eve, €36.90.
  • Exfoliating shampoo, Sephora Collection, 15 euros.

Rice Ally Hair

The secret to Japanese women’s thick silky hair? L ‘rice cooking water. Rich in zinc, the minerals, and vitamins B and E, it offers many benefits. By tightening the hair scales, it smooths, enhances shine and makes it stronger. How to use rice water on hair? Cooled, used after shampoo in the form of a mask or as the first rinse water, before removing it with lukewarm water.

Supplements that help

The nutritional supplement is effective in promoting luster and growth. what hair capsules Choose ? We choose food supplements rich in B vitamins, zinc, biotin, keratin, folic acid and hair flower, a fern that prevents hair loss. To notice results, we follow a three-month treatment, twice a year. Swallow with a glass of cranberry juice for antioxidants.

our choice the shopping:

  • Strength and vitality of hair and nails, Oenobiol, 12.20 euros.
  • Hair tonic, Patrice Mulatto, €14.80.
  • Good Hair Women’s anti-hair loss gum, Lashilé, €25.
  • Big Hair, Myriam K., 25 euros.

Benefits of a head massage

The more we get used to it scalp massageThe more we stimulate blood flow, watering the hair follicles, the faster we will gain shiny and strong hair. How do you massage your scalp? With finger pulp or a brush full of silicone bristles, we make slow cycles to take off the skin well. Even better, when applying a stimulating serum or shampoo, to maximize its effectiveness.

Our shopping selection:

  • Massage brush, Hairfax, 15 euros.
  • Tangle Teezer, scalp brush, €10.
  • Warm Essential Oils Serum, Compound 5, Rene Furterer, €40.
  • Anti-Hair Loss Strengthening Serum with Ginger Root and Arginine, Genesis, Kerastase, 45 €.
  • HoliRoots Oil with Plant Roots and Castor Oil, Fable & Mane, €15 at Sephora.

Protect your hair from the heat

hair straightener And Hair Dryer Exposing our lengths to extreme heat that damages the scales. When our hair is crying out for help, you better take a break. How do ? We start by drying them by pressing them with a microfiber towel or turban, and in the open air. If you can not do without using a brush, set the temperature of the hair dryer to a minimum and protect it with a protective spray.

Our shopping selection:

  • Turban drying towel, Aquis, €30 at Sephora.
  • Organic Hydration and Heat Protection Mist, Elenature, €28.
  • Chroma Thermic Serum, Kérastase, €31.
  • Heat protectant spray, Ghd, €23.
  • Heat protectant spray, Eugene Perma, €18.

cut a fork

After winter, beware of thorns Which divides the hair into two parts, making it thinner and brittle. Blame the regular rubbing of the tips on turtlenecks and scarves…what should be done to avoid split ends? Trim your hair every three months and remember, when applying a nourishing treatment along the length, to stick to the ends.

our choice the shopping:

  • SOS Lengths and Ends Anti-Bacterial Serum, Gliss, Schwarzkopf, €9.
  • Absolute Keratin Serum, Furterer, €25.50.
  • Care Oil, Briogeo, €35.
  • Botanical Repair Serum, Aveda, €45.

Thanks to: Hovig Etoyan, from the salon of the same name (Paris VIe); Delphine Courtel, creator of the salon of the same name (Paris 1); Patrice Mulatto, founder of the brand; Brandon Lombardo, creator of Bro Show (Paris XI); Adrien Coehlo, founder of the Top Secret Salon (Paris 1); and Claire Tomasi, hair expert at Hairfax.

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