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By Iris Fabiola Yael /

Natural beauty is paired with wearing black hair without chemicals. This is what some women are defending more and more by highlighting their African identity.. From this perspective, Specialists met on Saturday 7 May in the village hall of Saint-Domingue of the Parish of Saint-Jean-de-Cocody to reflect on the topic: “The importance of preserving natural hair ».

Marie-José Hudson-Fenuel, a biologist who studies hair under a microscope, advises that hair should be maintained every day like skin..

According to Marie-Josée Hudson-Fenuel, a biologist who studies hair under a microscope, hair should be maintained every day like skin. “Hair care should be done once a week, with the treatment or else the hair will break along the entire length Advised a specialist. And to add, God created us with beautiful hair, but if you shock your scalp, you can go bald for life.” She warns.

Poetry is a sign of longevity, honor, justice, and glory
Natural hair is the basis of wisdom.

For Reverend Stephan Siri, man cannot be the image of God and remove that part that he has given him, namely, hair.. “In Corinthians 11 it is written that a woman should wear a veil to cover her hair because of the angels. But long before that, the hierarchy translates into defining the importance of hair in women, for a woman is the glory of man, and man, the glory of God. So what is the glory of a woman over a man her hair ., He says. and add “Poetry is a sign of longevity, honor, justice and glory. Hair somewhere is an element that allows God, not only to mark me, but a sign, an indicator of the protection of life.”

Architect and researcher Leopard Djosi Hueno demonstrated the universality of the power that God placed in poetry, and asserted for his part that no person could be born without a woman. Women’s role “It’s life or death, if a woman is related to God, she can do all kinds of miracles. But if she cuts down his network, you will no longer receive broadcasts of whom we created. If the woman is lost, the world is lost, and if the woman is healed, the world is healed.” Abdullah explained. We are aware that women in Africa spend a lot of energy, a lot of money, and a lot of time on their hair, because they think that what God has given them is not enough, he went on.

Léobard Djosse Houénou asserts that “Poetry is essential, because it is the antenna through which the Creator of all things speaks to us.

Leopard DJ Hueno opened a window on the Rasta movement. All the priests, he said, were dedicated to God, so let their hair grow, “This is the basis of the Rasta movement, because the Rasta movement arose in a place where human misery and suffering was complete, in the name of God.”.

Always, according to the architectural scholar, today, beings live in a world where the standards of beauty – set by the West “It is not natural, every people has their own standards, it is up to us black people to defend what is good.”, defend. And to go better, “Poetry is essential, because it is the antenna through which the Creator of all things speaks to us. We have riches that we must highlight.”.

A woman can be attractive and beautiful with her hair

Taking the floor, the president of the association, Giselle Roth-Victoire Gnepo-Cruelly, gave sage advice to women and men by instilling the spirit of preserving and preserving their natural hair. “Natural hair is the basis of a woman’s wisdom in particular, because it is described as man’s helper in all things, for a woman can be attractive, and beautiful with her hair, and endowed with giving as the subject indicates and as allows her to be able to heal them, and make them alive.”I argued.

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