Baby Hair: What do we do with our little one’s hair?

If FKA Twigs, or formerly Josephine Baker, has made a brand, it’s not always easy to accept her baby hair. Especially since we don’t all have the time (nor the talent) to tame them with style. Inconvenient for some (Kim Kardashian had them laser removed before he regretted), and very little visible to others, yet these tiny hairs remain a real concern for many young moms. And for good reason, their appearance is often associated with pregnancy and postpartum hair loss.

Interview with Edine Ahbich, Kérastase Product Performance Engineer

How long does the baby’s hair appear after hair loss after pregnancy?

During pregnancy, hair cycles freeze (resting phase / hair growth / then hair loss): hair stops falling out. The pregnant woman then feels stronger and healthier hair. After childbirth, these cycles are resynchronized, the percentage of hair in the shedding phase increases, while the number of hairs in the growth phase decreases. Mechanically and suddenly, some women have the sensation lose a lot of hair. Thus, they notice it more easily.”child i hate it“, especially when the fall is more severe because they are less hidden by the capillary mass. Then these women think that these”child i hate it“Hair is thinner because they have noticed and evaluated it under pressure.

Is there a difference between child i hate it A little baby’s hair?

The “child i hate it“Not strictly a hair fiber, it’s actually soft, inferior type hairs. After birth, they can thicken and become pigmented – making them even more noticeable than before. The nature of hair and the nature of hair treatments have no effect on this type of fine, dyed hair in sometimes.

Should special products be used to treat it?

No, it is recommended to use products appropriate for your hair type (as in normal times).

Do you have any advice for young mothers child i hate it ?

Above all, don’t stress. Postpartum hair loss will be regulated in a few weeks, while the hormonal metabolism will return to normal. Make sure to get good healthy food, to get an adequate amount of vitamins and sulfur amino acids that make up the hair. Take care of your hair with the right products, it will restore its volume.

Baby hairdressing

To get a simplified version of baby hair as well as to incorporate it into the mass, proper equipment is necessary to shape it.

You may have seen videos advocating the use of a toothbrush to style a child’s hair. Get out of the way, your little hair is better than that! Especially since it is possible to find dedicated tools, such as a children’s hairbrush. This brush consists of narrow teeth, and is generally intended for children’s hair with curly or frizzy hair. Its soft grip allows you to separate strands while the taut pins aim to smooth out small hair before covering it with a styling treatment. A bristle brush is preferred to ensure the true smoothness of this little part.

Taming without blow-drying is the challenge of baby hair gel (and any hair gel has to meet, btw). This styling product is applied directly to the brush, before working it into each pre-sealed strand of hair. Once the lock is coated with gel, all you have to do is apply the baby’s hair at the level of the roots or on the forehead, depending on the desired effect. We especially love showing this young woman:

Here is another thing Hairstyle idea with baby hair :

Hairstyle idea for a baby hair test?

Believe in yourself, and above all, have fun! Unleash your imagination, test, start over… In other words, have fun!

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