A hairstylist shows 22 women who risked cutting their hair and didn’t regret it

There is a long list of reasons why short hair looks great and most women agree that getting rid of it after a lifetime of tangled, damaged, and split ends may be one of the best decisions they’ve ever made.

Moscow-based hairdresser Kristina Katsapina helps women feel beautiful by cutting their hair and doing incredible plastic surgery. The talented hairdresser offers her clients short haircuts that prove that the beauty of a woman is not measured by the length of the hair or the stereotypes established by our modern society.

Christina’s before and after comparisons show how shaving can change a person in just a few hours. If you’re wondering whether or not you should go for the big cut, we’ve put together a list of Christina’s hottest hairstyles to help you decide if you’re ready for the makeover!

“When I started working as a hairdresser, I had more and more clients getting their hair cut,” Christina said. “By doing this haircut with my own hands, I saw the real transformations unfold before my eyes. In the end, I fell in love with this process and it made me realize that I can see people in a different way. It is all about giving them suitable haircuts according to their preferences, personality and general charisma of the person.”

“I’m a very specialized hairstylist, so people come to me exclusively for short haircuts. I’ve had a lot of transformations, but couldn’t decide which one was my favorite because each haircut is unique and customized for the person I give it to. I love watching the transformation happen to my clients during the cut. You can see how the face becomes clearer and women look instantly younger. Hairstyles make them more elegant and fashionable, while giving them a sharper look.”

“I think the biggest advantage a hairdresser should have is the ability to love working with people wholeheartedly and sensing their needs. Of course, aesthetics and personal taste also have to be taken into account, but ultimately your job is to transform the person into a better and more beautiful version of themselves. And that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do.” He did it with my haircuts. I like to make women feel happy, beautiful, free and brave.”

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