Wounds that should not be reproduced, with the risk of looking older!

It is a fact and no one can deny it today: some men and women really need advice on how to dress and be fashionable.

From head to toe it is sometimes a real nightmare to see some 40 guys dressed up and hairstyles that are clearly not age appropriate.

Therefore, choosing a haircut requires real attention on your part. Feel free to inquire of your hair stylist. This professional can also be a vision professional.

Choosing a haircut after forty years: a real ordeal!

If you are 40 years old, you have passed an important milestone and, unfortunately, you must realize that you are not 20 years old anymore. In fact, young people today clearly do not have the same mindset, and you can quickly pass by a very cranky person. But that’s not all, because you should also know that after this age, your hair is no longer what it was in the past, and depending on your decisions, you can unfortunately damage it more quickly or even age your face without wanting to. In order not to make a mistake and avoid all these inconveniences in the future, here are some tips that can help you not to fall into the trap and stay in the game after turning 40!

Too long hair: they must be banned permanently!

If you have been accustomed all your life to having long hair that reaches your lower back, then you should definitely know that after reaching the age of forty, it is not recommended to maintain this hair and You have to change it very quickly. Indeed, hair is easily damaged after this age, and with a very long cut it tends to deteriorate in addition to being unaesthetic!

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It’s no coincidence that M6 hostess Cristina Cordula chose to wear short hair that fits her perfectly. Choose instead, like her, a short, square or even medium-length haircut: this will also have an effect on the rejuvenation of your face.

Use age-appropriate hair colors

Unfortunately, the older you get, the less light you’ll find on your face. This is exactly the reason why we recommend you only change hair colors and choose a “warm” color.

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Indeed, all experts in this field advise choosing shades of this type. In addition, do not create drama if your hair is white: thanks to the locks you can color it and it will have an amazing effect on others!

Stop ordering “retro” hairstyles!

Although this is very tempting and today’s youth keep reverting to old fashions, you should at all costs avoid the “retro” cuts that are popping up everywhere at the moment, if you are over 40. In fact, although she has a classy effect on young men, she is not at all pretty at the age of 40!

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Unfortunately, these types of hairstyles have the effect of aging the face, and you probably don’t want to! Choose other cuts such as bowl cut, mullet cut or even straight cut : If it can make you smile at first, we can advise you to give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

How to avoid terrible hairstyles thanks to the photo album?

You get it, a haircut can very quickly become inappropriate for your age at the time. Even if fashion is just an eternal reboot, it is important not to be ahead of your time, by getting a haircut that will be trendy in 10 years.

We offer you a haircut in the current trend thanks to some very simple tips.

  1. The first one will take a lot of your time, since you will have to search all the sites where you can find great haircut pictures. Be careful, don’t just type a trendy haircut on Google Image, or else you’ll miss out on the trendy cuts. Even worse, you may come across images that have already gone out of fashion. We also advise you to take a look at Instagram. It is definitely the temple to find fashionable images. Another avenue of exploitation is the website of popular magazines. In fact, it’s better than a star to launch a trend on a new haircut.
  2. After collecting the photos, we advise you to compare your choice with one or more friends, or even your own hairdresser. They will be able to tell you whether this haircut matches your personality or not. It will be easier to do this because they will be able to give their opinion without the risk of hurting your feelings. There is a good chance that too many will end up in the trash. In this case, you will have to go back in search of a new cut.
  3. When you have collected at least fifty images, you can then go to the Flexilivre website to create your own portfolio. You may be wondering why order your book on this site and not anywhere else? Quite simply, because in addition to being a French company, this site offers themes for creating really great albums. Your photos will be of much better value. Rest assured, this process is much faster than searching for images. It will then take a short week to receive your book by mail at your home. Be careful not to keep this book too long, otherwise you risk getting a haircut that is no longer in fashion.
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