What are the best volumizing hair dryers?

How to use a hair dryer correctly?

If a hair dryer allows you to get soft hair quickly after washing, it can attack the hair fiber and damage the hair if it is used frequently. Here are some tips for using a hair dryer properly without risking weakening your hair.

  • Choose a hair dryer with an adjustable temperature to adapt the heat to the hair type;
  • keep the dryer at a distance of 20 cm from your head to avoid burning the hair fibers;
  • If you are blow drying, hold the appliance 5cm away from the brush;
  • To dry, start with a hair dryer on low heat, and work your way down, pre-drying the strands at the nape of the neck and detangling the roots. This will give the hairstyle more volume and will speed up drying;
  • Adjust the heat and airflow to create the action: start with low temperature and maximum power (appropriate for your locks), then switch to hot air by decreasing the speed. A good trick to create movement;
  • Apply a thermal spray or mousse to protect the hair from the heat before using the hair dryer;
  • Leave hair slightly damp before hot drying.

Now here’s our pick of the 5 best hair dryers for sale on Amazon.

Our pick: 2200W ionic hair dryer with ceramic grill

For silky, shiny, and frizz-free hair, we chose the 2200W Remington Pro Air Ionic Hair Dryer. This innovative device incorporates ionic technology to fight frizz caused by dry hair, making it number one in this ranking. The ions in the airflow emitted by this hair dryer transform the water molecules in wet hair into fine droplets. Thus, they dry faster without losing their hydration due to heat. The Pro-Air hair dryer offers 3 different temperatures and 2 different speeds to customize use. It also has a capacitor that gives it greater accuracy. For best result, finish by applying fresh air to better fix the hairstyle. Thanks to the ceramic coating, the heat, the flow of which reaches 80 km / h, is distributed very well. In addition, this hair dryer is appreciated for its ergonomic design and lightness. After use, easily remove the rear ceramic grill to keep the unit clean and working well.

Compact and powerful anti-frizz hair dryer

We are still in the category of hair dryer with ionic technology, we chose Remington Ionic Dry 2200WIt provides a frizz-free result, even on extremely dry hair. This device is very compact and easy to use, ideal for beginners. Despite its small size, this hair dryer emits a powerful stream of air with two power levels with the option of cold air to better fix your hairstyle. It can be set to 3 different temperatures to suit all hair types. It also has an ionic ceramic ring that ensures even heat distribution. To give volume to your hair and boost its curls, use the air diffuser included with the device.

Hair dryer 2300 watts with temperature control

We all know that very high temperatures damage hair. It is very important to use the temperature that suits each hair type to avoid dryness and split ends. The Philips Series 5000 . hair dryer It is the ideal choice thanks to its ThermoShiel technology. The latter allows the temperature to be adjusted at 6 different levels to avoid overheating. This device guarantees 20% faster drying compared to a conventional hair dryer thanks to an air flow of 110 km/h and a power of 2300 Watts. Increase the volume of your hair. Thanks to the removable micro thickener, you can achieve quick touch-ups and more detailed finishes.

2400W Professional Hair Dryer With Target Temperature

If you need a professional and powerful hair dryer, choose Remington Prolux AC9140. It’s a 2400W ionic technology dryer for hair that’s soft and shiny as if you just left a big salon. We’ve won this device’s Opti Heat technology, which intelligently adapts to the heat according to the type of hairstyle you want to achieve. The Style Shot function combined with the cool air allows you to style your hair for a longer time. In addition, Prolux hair dryer produces 90% ions to fight the static effect that causes frizz in your hair. Use the built-in 7mm thicker and diffuser to add volume to your hair after drying. For better machine maintenance, the back grille can be removed for cleaning. In addition, the Grip Tech coating ensures a more comfortable grip even during intense use.

Retractable cord ionic hair dryer: Convenience to use

Add volume and protect your hair with Babyliss Keeper 2000W Corded Dryer. This high-performance device will give you smooth and shiny hair for longer, especially if you activate the cool airflow that fixes the hairstyle. With 3 adjustable temperatures, you can customize your hair style by conditioning the ideal temperature. What distinguishes us most about this hair dryer is its retractable cord. In fact, it improves the comfort of use and facilitates storage after each use. Plus, the enhanced ionic technology eliminates static electricity for frizz-free results. Thanks to the thin and wide diffusers and volumizers, style your natural curls in style.

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