This week at the Gala: Yves Rainier’s wife breaks her silence, how to keep her curly hair…

The new celebration will begin on newsstands on Thursday, April 14th. Interviews, investigations, photos… Here’s why this issue inspires you!

every Thursday with expensiveAnd A break is offered to relax and escape ! Your magazine invites you to discover (or rediscover) famous personalities who look like you, jolt and inspire you. Because characters like us face great joys, sorrows and events… and so in the new issue of your magazine, Karen Renner’s Secrets. A year ago, on the night of April 23 to 24, the life of an entire clan was reeling. His patriarch, his eminent mentor, actor Yves Rainier, had a heart attack. And if his wife today agreed to talk about his great love, let’s not forget him

to expensiveAnd Karen Rainier agrees to return to the amazing career of her manIt gives us heartbreaking secrets. Meeting this woman of remarkable strength, with an infectious smile and palpable emotion in the curve of a simple sentence that is a must read today.

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At this week’s party…

This Thursday, April 14, what are we going to give you to read? Interview Frederick Chau By Nikos Aliagas while the third installment of What the hell have we done Just released in theaters. But also: Where did a file political figures During the first round of the presidential election, marriage Brooklyn Beckham With his girlfriend Nicholas Peltz interview with Pierre Balmed To broadcast the TV movie They love each other…well almoston TF1, on April 18, or an open interview with Axel Power. And if you’re lucky enough to get a few days off or you just want to unwind, you’ll discover some games at the end of the magazine. When we tell you we think of everyone.

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