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Always in a very casual and elegant Parisian style, Vanessa Paradis swapped out her chestnut lengths for a charming long platinum blonde.

For many years and during the evolution of her beauty, Vanessa Paradis It is known for its very relaxed and simple style with a Parisian flair, which makes it attractive even on an international level. A few days ago, the singer was seen alongside Carole Bouquet with an elegant and glamorous hairstyle at the Chanel show. Today, it’s a completely different haircut that Johnny Depp’s ex-wife did for herself.

Official magazine photographer Madame FigaroOn his Instagram, he revealed a snapshot of the magazine’s next cover. We see the singer with a long platinum blonde bob. a Very glamorous cut Which reminds us of .’s iconic hairstyle Marlin Monroe The famous blonde of the American actress. From the obvious volume at the roots and wavy ends, it’s undeniable that the French star is more glamorous than ever. But did she choose a wig or did she definitely decide to take the plunge?

How does Marilyn adopt the blonde in Vanessa Paradis?

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We see him more and more on red carpetThe blonde Returns to center stage. But one blonde in particular is making a comeback this year: Blonde Marilyn. It’s also the perfect blonde color for summer.

But whether it is blonde, red, brown or any other color, if you are planning to experiment with a change in the appearance of hair, we strongly advise you to go to an experienced hairdresser. In addition to offering the exact color and cut you want, he’ll give you tips and product ideas to keep your new color trending for as long as possible.

Also, this subtle shade of blonde isn’t the easiest to replicate. On the other hand, it would be ideal for natural blondes as well as light-colored brunettes or even for all those who have brown hair, such as Vanessa Paradis.

Discover the new design and new color of Vanessa Paradis

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