She dyed her hair orange red

Rem Rhenom wanted a change. Maria Valentina’s mother and Alma provided a moment of relaxation at the hair salon. The candidate completely changed her look and chose orange and red!

Rem Renom: Complicated by her chest, she plans to have surgery

Rem Rhenom is the proud mother of two young girls. If netizens were shocked to see how quickly the candidate regained her pre-pregnancy silhouette, Reem still had some complications.

The mother of the family revealed on her social networks that her two pregnancies have changed her breasts drastically. Details that you struggle to put up with on a daily basis. This is the reason why Vincent Quigo’s wife plans to undergo a plastic surgery.

I’ll tell you about the appointment I had yesterday with the surgeon. Because I actually want to reduce the rings on my chest. After two pregnancies, they swelled up and I can tell you that they make up half of my chest… Honestly, aesthetically speaking, I don’t like (…) to me, that’s embarrassing. That’s why I decided to have surgery. She revealed on her social media. In other words, the young woman was not planning to have a third child, in which case we imagine she would have waited before the operation.

Rym Renom changes hair color.

Rem Rhenom: changes her hair color, dyes herself, and chooses orange and red

In addition to his chest, Rem Rhenom likes to change his face. Since it became famous in France in Broken Hearts Villa In 2019, Rem Rhenom embraced many different hair looks.

Boyish haircut, square hair, African braids or even red coloring, Vincent Quijo’s wife does not lack for inspiration. Precisely, in the last hours, the young mother who posted a surprising video of her daughters once again succumbed to the call of the hairdresser. On her Instagram account, a filter Moms and celebrities (who captivated next season) has posted a new fact revealing her new hair craze. Rem Rinnom decided to choose red orange color Amazing to say the least! For once, this new look fits her like a glove.

Rem and Vincent Quigo: Worried about their sick daughter, think Silence!

Rem and Vincent Quejo can’t stop. Back in France, the couple who is expecting their second child must take care of the ailing baby girl Maria Valentina. Young parents are worried.

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