PHOTO Zendaya: She radically changed her haircut and it’s hot!

For some time now, Zendaya has been all over the place. And if she’s gotten used to her long, curly hair, she’s just cracked up for a drastic hair change. Photo guide!

No doubt you’ve noticed, but over the past few months we’ve heard a lot about it Zendaya. I must say that American actress He has more than boiling news! Star character from the hit series tranceproduced by Rapper Drake HimselfPromote it all over the world. If you caused a feeling thanks to appearance always on top in the past fashion weekas it’s been talked about a lot thanks to the movies dunes or Spider Man. And At only 25 years old, Zendaya He doesn’t stop there and collect hats. A model, muse (Lancome and then Valentino), she is also an actress, producer, and singer. short, She knows how to do everything, we are impressed! TRUE beauty iconthe whole world became impressed with her hair: long, curly, with perfect combing … Zendaya has decided yet to cut everythingThe change is drastic, to say the least!

Zendaya has a crush on the trendiest haircut of the year

The young woman has of course very curly hair With a lot of volume. But what do you love? It’s a change of mind whenever she wants! Among her recent hairstyles, we can see her in LA with her adhesive wide matsin New York with XXL braids And in London with a wet look super glamorous. Recently this Her hair is flawlessly combed Causing an uproar among Internet users. With Her soft but thick hairHis parting on the side is somewhat wise above all her brilliance can not be used badly, Zendaya She inspired many beauticians, including us!

at recent days hair change Mildly radical actress who caught our eye! In fact, duringHBO Max Event which took place on April 20 in Los Angeles, Zendaya I decided to offer Latest haircut of the year: short square. Like Kaia Gerber before her, 25 year old actress He said Bye bye On their lengths you prefer them Square up to chin levelmagnified by a wet look super glamorous. The perfect hairstyle to adopt, especially when summer comes!

It remains to be seen whether this was a clever trick, as happened last November during the Ballon d’Or gala, or a real scissors kick. One thing is for sure: it shows her natural haircomb Hollywood or decide to cut everything, awesome zendaya…to the end of your hair!

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