How to increase the volume?

Passed the fifty mark, hair (similar to the body) takes on the look of an age. Then they lose their texture and shine, become thinner, rough and brittle. The cut must then adapt to these changes in the nature of the hair, just to give the mane new youth. To give you an idea of ​​how to do it, find our tips and examples of a great 50-year-old lady’s haircut.

The most beautiful hairstyles you should adopt after 50 years

Among the short hairstyles for fine hair, the pixie is arguably our favorite. However, don’t forget that it’s important to feminize and coordinate your pixie cut by keeping a few lengths on the front and/or top. This, in order to create an impression of volume and texture. The shaggy character of the locks will also bring a rebellious and therefore youthful vibe to your face. Otherwise, a few threads in front can play the role of a fringe. Style as you see fit – curtain bangs, asymmetrical, wicking on the side, smooth or with wavy ends… You are spoiled for choice.

A pixie cut with long asymmetrical bangs

Short haircuts for women over 50 Short haircuts for women over 50 with asymmetrical bangs

Pixie cut with rebellious shaggy locks

A pixie model with shaggy locks an example of a 50-year-old woman's short haircut

Plus size up with wavy bob for 50 year old woman

Another popular trick for adding volume is, of course, curly hair. If you have light hair, feel free to use it to freshen up your complexion. There is new, the shorter the hair, the better. And since the square cut is something all youngsters have been crazy about in recent years, we invite you to dare without fear. Fun and very cosmopolitan, this wavy bob is romantic, toned and relaxing all at the same time. On top of that, you already have a lot of ways to design. For the XXL size, the wick on the side is the winning formula. Fringe curtains or a valance will perfectly frame the face. Only avoid too soft and rigid squares, which may weigh down your features and add a few more years.

Square waves with a wick on the side

Short Square Haircut For Women Over 50 Sarah Paulson Short Wavy Haircut

Layered medium length cut to keep their lengths

If you find it difficult to say goodbye to your beautiful heights as a girl, we hurry to reassure you. You can keep it, unless you cut it appropriately. Say goodbye to long, sleek hair, unless you have very thick Jennifer Lopez hair. Otherwise, we prefer gradient. Adopted on medium length hair, this type of hairstyle relies on tufts of different lengths that enhance volume. They no longer have the advantage of creating movement and enjoying a relaxed and sparkling atmosphere that will surely rejuvenate you. Play back on the textured character, with tapered lengths or beautiful volumetric curls.

Reduce the size of the square, in order to format it

An example of a long wavy square cut with a side parting curls of the original dress

Gradient highlights and curls for more volume

Soft and flat haircut model is an example of a hairstyle 50 years shaded blonde hair.  jfif

Margin Adoption

A margin at 50 is a good idea anyway. To hide wrinkles that wrinkled the face, but not only! Prominent forehead, round or elongated face – bangs are also present to rebalance the proportions of the figure. In addition, you will add a little material, which will inevitably create the impression of density. Straight, asymmetric, tapered bangs or ultra-fashionable curtain bangs – it’s the youthful party par excellence.

Volume on top and long bangs that add to the mass of the hair

Short haircut with long hair cut in the front

make wicks

In terms of coloring, vacuuming is the first volume-assurance trick. Adding a few lighter strands will add depth and from there – more substance. The result will be even better if you tie the locks with very voluminous curls to intensify the mass of hair (at least visually). The highlighted curly bob is also a favorite of youngsters. Very universal, it will look no less appropriate on a 50-year-old’s head.

Blonde sweep – beauty tip stolen from Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has a medium long haircut with shaggy blonde locks

Backcombing as an extra volume trick

The final method that you can use to give volume to hair is to reshape it where you wish to give it volume. The most affected part is the top of the head. In order to be successful in hair re-straightening, first make sure that you wash your hair recently (preferably the day before), but completely dry. Detangle it, brush it out and then start working strand by strand, from back to front. Take a 5cm thick wick and always place the comb (backcombing or regular) 5cm from the root. Brush the wick in the opposite direction of hair growth until it reaches the desired size. For longer use, apply fabric spray.

Volume boosted at the top thanks to crepe

50-year-old woman haircut model Delicate deteriorated hair of different lengths Top volume

Short haircut for fine hair for a 50-year-old woman

Brown hair color idea pixie haircut for 50 year old woman with side lock

Short haircut model woman 50 years blond hair coloring example

Medium length haircut for a 50-year-old woman with asymmetrical bangs

Cate Blanchett with a faded cut-out wick in the front and a sleeveless blazer skirt with curly ends

What a fluffy short haircut, fluffy dark blond hair

Long curly and tousled square cut for a youthful look

Meg rayan wavy square haircut 50 year old woman with dark roots

Highlights the light brown hair color and the wavy ends of different lengths

blonde highlights in short hair soft hair cut example 50 year old woman pixie

The idea of ​​​​a precise and sparse haircut for a medium-sized woman of varying lengths

Extra short shaggy box for more material

Short Shaggy Haircut 2022 Square ends with a short wavy trend and volume on top

Dilapidated haircut demme blonde coloring idea Smooth and flat hair cut

Example of a 50 year old woman mid-cut hairstyle with a huge forehead

Thin flat haircut model of 50 year old women's decadent long curtain bangs

Hairstyle renewal 50 year old woman with parting on the side ripples

50 year old short pixie cut woman of different lengths

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