Hair straighteners: 5 high-tech models that take care of hair

In contrast to devices that dry out PoetryThis new generation of hair straighteners, nuggets of technology, sublimation lengths Fiber care.

1- GHD Platinum + Styler®

Featuring Ultra-Zone™ technology capable of identifying hair needs, GHD Platinum + styler® is a solid block of technology. Its system not only controls the temperature of the iron 250 times per second, but also detects the styling speed, ensuring an ideal constant temperature of 185°C. The result: hair is 70% stronger, 20% shinier, and the color is protected twice as long.

GHD Styler® Platinum Straightener

2. Dyson Coral Hair Straightener

The cordless hair straightener, which can be taken anywhere, is a real step forward: intelligent heat control, a 4-cell lithium-ion battery that delivers the same performance as a wired device, an OLED control screen that displays temperature and battery level… and above all, the panels Curved, it adapts to the movement of the hair, damaging it half as much as conventional solid plates.

3. L’Oreal SteamPod Professional 3.0

Equipped with a built-in water tank, this hair straightener works with steam to protect color and fibres: 91% less damage is observed on the hair than a classic straightener. With its swivel cord and light weight, it is without a doubt one of the most flexible hair straighteners in the world.

Steampod L’Oreal Professional

4. Lucea ID T3 Hair Straightener

This skillful curling iron adjusts its temperature according to the length, texture and nature of the hair, for a personalized combing worthy of a professional. Bonus: Its “Refresh” mode, ideal for touch-ups, lowers the temperature to regulate straight hair the day before.

5. Seventh Element InfraSteam Gold Edition Hair Straightener

On the one hand, the infrared technology of this hair straightener allows heat to penetrate into the hair core, for flawless straightening in one stroke. On the other hand, its steam system maintains the hydration level of the hair to protect it and avoid any effect of the cartoon.

InfraSteam Gold Seventh Element Edition Infrared Steam Straightener

127.49 €

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