Hair breaking works wonders on hair, but here’s why it’s a problem

After skin tightening, the method spreads gaining more and more followers and becomes a real hair routine. But is it really so revolutionary?

sluggish skin, you know? It is simply a technology that makes it possible maintaining a good level of hydration by smearing the face (after practicing our usual care), Vaseline, A blocking substance that prevents water from evaporating from the skin. On the other hand, what’s less well known to everyone (but not new, though) is “sluggish hair.” No, this method does not invite you to comb your hair with Vaseline, but it does Leave the (vegetable) oil or mask overnight under the sock to deeply nourish your lengths.

If this method rings a bell, it’s normal: It’s been part of the hair routine of many people of color from different cultures for centuries.

We explain this technology that seems new to networks Social, and why its new attractive popularity.

Hair slowing down in a nutshell

Ruining Yourself On Expensive Hair Products To Get Perfectly Moisturized, Shiny Hair, What’s The Point Of Having A Restoration Method? Well not much! But to adopt this technique at home, what should you do? To get started, it is important to comb your hair so that knots do not complicate your task. Once you have completed this first step, it is time for treatment. But not just anyone. Vegetable oil or a leave-in hair mask will do the trick. Target ? Cover the hair with a protective layer to deeply nourish it.

To do this, after covering it, it is important to carefully put it in a soft sock before going to bed. The latter will allow you to avoid spreading greasy products on the pillowcase, but will also create a source of heat so that the oil can effectively act on the hair fiber.

Really sock?

The difference with the “epilator” method is that she recommends using a cotton sock, which is surprising given its absorbency. Silk/satin wraps, periods or turbans work much better for better results with this type of technique. By having no absorption, these fabrics allow products To be more effective and to avoid friction that may cause hair breakage.

Sluggish hair, is it really new?

no. Nothing new on the horizon even if the ‘hairstyle’ video posted by TikTokeusemoniquemrapier is so far more than 5 million views. As we told you above, this method, accompanied by moisturizing gestures, is fairly popular among people with dry or curly hair because it limits moisture loss and deeply nourishes the hair. Stephanie Francois, hairstylist at Salon Yoshiko, explains it in columns Birdy :

“As a Caribbean woman, the beauty secret of lubricating skin and hair has been around for so long that my mother, grandmother, and grandmother have been doing it as part of their daily hair routine.”

Thus “sluggish hair” is simply a “rename” to “lubricate hair” more commonly called in French: an oil bath. A cultural approach to hair care that stretches from India to Africa via the Middle East or Asia and can sometimes be misunderstood, even ridiculed, or stigmatized in the Western world. This is why this trend is a slip in itself. Varsha Patel tells her feelings Refinery 29 :

“Why is it disgusting when I oil my hair – but if a white woman on TikTok does it, she is considered an influencer and becomes a global trend with millions of views?”

By giving a name and changing the hair lubrication method to one detail, TikTokeuse @moniquemrapier allows white residents the ability to tailor and adapt this nothing new routine to their needs and habits. Not to mention the profits you make from the 5 million views earned on TikTok… Let’s remember that in addition to a simple act of aesthetics, the method of hair oiling is above all a gesture of tradition and culture that far exceeds the plastic results expected here.

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