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The concept of beauty imposed on us by popular culture is renewed every day as we follow the rhythm of its innovations. I think we will not be wrong when we say that hair transplants are perhaps one of the most common and frequent applications today, where the visual aspect dominates even almost everything. Starting with its introduction as the capital of hair transplantation, we questioned Dr.. Zia Yavuz On hair transplant claims to learn more about this procedure.

Turkey is one of the first places that come to mind for a hair transplant. As Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic, Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, what do you think of it? Why is Turkey such a desirable country?

In fact, it would not be wrong to say that our country is now a brand when talking about hair transplantation. Turkey is a rising star in this field. Today, as the clinic of Dr. The requirements for hair transplant operations are increasing every day. However, since these hair transplant requirements create a market in Turkey in many different fields, especially health tourism, it responds to its demands. Today, there are many reasons behind the high demand for hair transplantation in Turkey. If you want to collect these reasons under one heading, I can easily say that hair, not only are we raising the margins in hair transplantation, but we are now setting the standards for hair transplantation in the world. and how? First of all, we have a well-trained and experienced hair transplant staff specialized in this field and equipped with experts for every technique applied to hair transplantation. There are many hair transplant clinics in Istanbul Just like us, the family of Dr. Ziya Yavuz follows the latest developments in hair transplantation methods in Turkey and develops by training its teams.

The CEOs who apply hair transplantation and even comprehensive health education and sector in Turkey are said to be the best. Is this really the case or is there public relations work in this area?

We can truly say without hesitation that our country is the best in this regard. There are several reasons for this. First of all, for economic reasons, patients from different countries of the world choose Turkey for hair transplantation. Today, hair transplants are performed in Europe, England and even the United States, but the procedures performed here are three times higher than the average in Turkey compared to the asking prices. There are various advantages to his choices. One of them is undoubtedly economical, and there is a market and serious competition in hair transplantation in our country. Today, our team mainly, Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic has many hair transplant specialists in our country, including the clinic team, more skilled and experienced than their colleagues in Europe and America. Because they see new cases almost every day. They establish patient treatment protocols to treat each case differently.

Do you think we are raising the standards in hair transplantation as a country?

Yes really. Because if hair transplantation in many countries covers only the process, the protocol of hair transplantation in our country offers a complete and convenient package within the framework of health tourism. Today as Dr. Zia Yavuz clinic, we welcome our patients from abroad in the best way and provide effective and quick answers in answering all their questions and problems related to hair transplantation. Then we follow up the whole process with our expert staff.

Does Dr. Dia Yavuz perform hair transplantation only?

While hair transplantation is one of our main goals, we as a family at Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic also perform beard, eyebrow and mustache transplants. Sometimes we do regional interventions, but sometimes we also do joint interventions according to the needs and requests of the patient.

Can we say that the patients returned to their countries satisfied after the operation?

Certainly, hair transplantation is an intervention that ultimately affects the appearance. When people want to rejuvenate their appearance, they turn to hair transplant surgery. However, some patients may have sparse eyebrows, as well as in the beard or mustache area due to various reasons. Our patients sometimes tell us that they want us to work in these areas, and sometimes we tell them that. It takes a holistic approach that is necessary for a beautiful and aesthetic appearance. On the other hand, if you are making the hair thicker and baldness persists on the beard, then you haven’t created this completely new look. That’s why we offer a complete treatment.

So, if we want to see from the point of view of a patient who wants to have a hair transplant, tell us why patients should come to Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic?

In fact, there are many answers to this question. If you wish, we can explain it to you one by one with a special approach. First of all, we are in the center of Istanbul. It is very convenient in terms of transportation. A patient uses our clinic to enjoy Istanbul today after a hair transplant and to experience Asala Istanbul. Apart from the ease of transportation, as the family of Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic, we have been performing hair transplant surgeries for many years. Hair transplantation is a permanent procedure where a natural appearance is important, and these two factors immediately make the expertise of the team performing this procedure. As the family of Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic, we are completely proficient in FUE, DHI techniques and especially SAPHİR FUE, a procedure that requires serious experience and skill. Therefore, we can identify the needs of our patients in the most accurate way and manage their demands and expectations in this context, turning them into the person of their dreams. Along with managing expectations and expertise, as Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic, we communicate with our patients from the very first moment and ensure that all of them undergo the hair transplant procedure with utmost comfort.

What technique do you use as Dr. Zia Yavuz’s clinic?

There are some common techniques in use today. For all of these techniques, as Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinical family, we do not recommend the FUT technique to our patients, which we believe is no longer effective. Although we do this on demand, today FUE technology provides faster and more effective results compared to FUT technology, and is a more practical and aesthetic option because it does not leave as visible traces as in FUT. In addition, we apply SAPHİR FUE, FUE and DHI techniques in hair, eyebrow, mustache and beard transplantation.

We spoke with Dr. Ziya Yavuz clinic about the standards of hair transplantation and its successes in this field in Turkey. If you also have problems with your hair and are bothered by its appearance, you can find out the best protocol for performing hair transplantation in Istanbul and contact Ziya Yavuz Clinic.

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