Documentary film searching for Marilyn Monroe’s father


This is the real mystery in Marilyn Monroe’s life: the identity of her biological father. A documentary, aired on Wednesday, looks for this “last truth”. Her father’s identity was hitherto a mystery, even to her. The mystery was solved thanks to the French director and producer Francois Baumes. He revealed his scoop to Paris Match Two weeks ago, he spoke about this revelation on a microphone farmer environmentabout Europe 1. The documentary follows the tireless work the producer has done for four years to analyze Marilyn Monroe’s DNA and finally reveal the secret.

To find the identity of Marilyn Monroe’s biological father, François Baumes tracked down the star’s hair. “We started collecting hair from different collectors around the world, to do DNA tests. You should know that the DNA in the hair is in the roots,” he identifies in Europe 1 microphone “Now, all the hair we’ve been on has been getting rootless hair. Finding DNA in root-free hair is very complex. At first, most of the hairs that were picked did not respond to the tests.”

Our investigation proves that Marilyn Monroe was talented.

Between the wrong leads and good advice, François Beaumis ends up making ends meet. The director reveals, “We found the DNA once, but it was Asian DNA. We understood that this hair was fake.” “We kept searching, until we met John Reznikov, who directed us to two sources: Marilyn Monroe’s hairstylist and her stylist. We tested his two different sources, to see what was below. Inside.”

It was then necessary to find laboratories specializing in ancient DNA and to compare the finally found sample with the DNA of a family whose grandfather was suspected of being one of Marilyn’s mother’s lovers. Otherwise, to potential cousins ​​of the American star. Which takes François Baumes to a captivating investigation with a happy ending.

“It is touching that Charles Stanley Gifford’s family finds out that Marilyn Monroe is in their family tree,” recalls François Baumes. “It is touching for Professor Ludovic Orlando who resolved this case and provided an answer.” “And that touches me as well, because I am fascinated by Marilyn Monroe and I am very happy to give an answer, even after her death. And an answer that proves that Marilyn Monroe had taste, because she felt that Charles Stanley Gifford was his father.”

Documentary film Francois Beaumis Marilyn, the last truth It is broadcast on Wednesday evening at 8:40 pm on the channel all story.

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