Disturbed by “everyday life”, he beats her at her home, in Saint-Jean-de-la-Rule

When the police arrived at Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle flat on May 5, around 4:30 p.m., they noticed A big messespecially in the bedroom, where Bed legs broken.

The woman who alerted them shows signs of blows and scratches and reveals great concern. For these recent events, but also for two other violent incidentsCommitted in October 2021 and last March, Naseem, Monday 9 May, was tried on the spot.

“Sign up quickly”

What happened in October? After a scene of jealousy in the gymnasium parking lot, the thirty-year-old was holding his former secret by the neck. Among other things. The defendant denies these facts: “I didn’t punch any punches. I scored fast.”

And in March? The person who was also accused replied, “We had a great argument, but I’ve never been violent with a child.”Pushing his girlfriend’s 10-year-old son.

As for the latter facts, the violent partner, once again, raised an “argument” as a starting point. But he admitted, this time, after ‘strangling’ and ‘hair pulling’ my lady. in front of Too long list of bruises From the victim read by the presiding judge, the defendant replied:

“I didn’t hit her. I tripped. I fell to the ground because I was shaking her.”

He was sentenced to six months in prison

He made it clear that he acted “under the influence of nervousness”. “Annoyed with what?” I tried to understand the chief. Through everyday life.

For the prosecutor, this is not a complicated everyday life but rather ordinary violence in question. “Not word against word. There are pictures and medical certificates that testify to the violence of the actions.” She requested two years in prison, including one year suspended, 140 hours of community service (TIG) and a total revocation of two suspended contracts of three and six months.

Breeze finally received Two years including eighteen months suspended. The court was tracking the crown in TIG watches and rescinds stays. The accused was placed in detention.

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