Couple: a woman or a man? Here’s Who Should Take the First Step to Make a Relationship Last, According to a Study

by Jessica Morens

Do you dream of a love story worthy of a fairy tale? What if the person who took the first step in your relationship had an impact on the rest of the relationship? Anyway, that’s what the study shows. explanations.

What is the secret of the couple that lasts? This is a question many people ask themselves. As a result, studies have looked into the topic. According to a study, the person who will make the first move will be significant in the fact that the couple lasts or not (in the case of a heterosexual couple).

When it comes to seduction, we often talk about bravery: holding the door, paying the bill… The guy had to do many things in order to be well seen. But is this still the case today? The answer, of course, is no!

Yes, today, women are taking more and more “power” in a relationship. Of course, the roles are not completely reversed but rather equally distributed. Yes, a woman can invite her partner to the restaurant, this is completely normal.

And this is also there when you take the first step! In fact, if some women prefer to wait for someone to flirt with them, others don’t hesitate to take matters into their own hands and take the first step if someone pleases them.

Last story?

And they are right! In any case, if we believe a study conducted by a website that specializes in meetings in the same professional sector, league. The site has, in fact, studied its database and, more specifically, the users who are now in a relationship, thanks to the platform.

Of the 100 heterosexual couples studied, one in three entered into a relationship after the first message the woman sent. And this couple is likely to survive over time, since it usually goes beyond a year of a relationship.

According to Madeline Mason, a couple expert, who interviewed independentIn real life, women are increasingly inclined to take the first step, without even realizing it. According to her, a man only flirts with a woman if she first sends him a signal that shows her interest, such as a smile, a nod, or a hand through her hair.

The Couple’s Secret That Lasts…

study league It also highlights other information about couples that persists: they have, on average, a 3-year age difference and 80% of them have the same level of education.

Before calling their phone numbers, the partners exchanged an average of 34 messages on the dating site. But for Madeleine Mason, it is not always necessary to write much before knowing that our interlocutor can be “the right one”.

Another very important point: On average, there were 84 matches on the dating site before the person who would share your life with you was found.

Obviously, these numbers are not representative of everyone, because everyone is different. Having said that, we can’t help but encourage you, ladies, to take the first step. Who knows, the resulting love story might be the right one.

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