At the College of Livaudières in Loudéac, they deconstruct the clichés of boys and girls – Loudéac

“Is there any cliché between women and men you hear every day? Asks Léa Seguin, a day worker at the Livaudières College in Loudéac. A crowd of hands rises in the room, and suddenly, the college students are calling and talking to each other. Above the bustle the library professor says:” Your companion says: A woman’s place is in the kitchen.

Here’s a shot that was instantly broken down by the speakers that day. Léa Seguin has set up a plastic recycling workshop and spends most of her time there with her hand tools. And Alexandre Crisio, a former chef, has been nicknamed “the Viking of the house” since he appeared on a TV show…and immediately describes himself as an eccentric. For an hour, two fifth graders talked about gender equality and sustainable development, as part of a cycle of meetings initiated by the department. Also the opportunity to share experiences.

Create and manage on your own, “All is well!” »

Admittedly, Léa Seguin is above all else a waste specialist. She explains to the association the recycling process, then how she turns plastic corks into hair combs and soap dishes. But she’s also the president of a company she created on her own, and runs it on her own, “and everything is fine! As a woman in a workshop, she expresses pleasure, we always have it when we are a woman with a drill in hand,” says the 24-year-old entrepreneur. “But that hasn’t stopped me from doing what I want, and continuing to do so.”

“You are always harassed when you are a woman with a drill in your hand. But that has not stopped me from doing what I want and continuing to do it.”

Inspirational features

Another profile, another story. With a height of 2.05 meters, Alexandre Crecio also has an extraordinary career, which he is quick to share. Struggling at school, he fell in love with basketball and first worked in the kitchen. Before his body called him to stop, he started a career change as a cooking and hygiene consultant trainer…and became a TV presenter. The man who now sports reveals muscles and tattoos and advocates for eco-friendly, household cleaning products: “I was often cynical when I worked in the restaurant, because I was crying.” “But I stuck.” Because, as the coach states, you have to believe in yourself and “we fight together, boys and girls, so that there are no more gender differences in the future.”

Reminders on the distribution of household tasks unfavorable to women, awareness of the use of social networks such as TikTok, encouragement to “move” for the planet by picking up waste near the home… The students came out of the meeting excited. “The intervention of Léa Seguin, says 12-year-old Nicholas, made me want to recycle waste to make other things.”

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