A new controversy rocks the world of reality TV… Bubba interacts

A video from several years ago seems to be causing controversy right now. In these photos, several candidates film themselves while Hisham, a former member of the JLC family, brutally treats a young woman.

Regularly in the news of their adventures, Dylan Terry or Marvin Tellier or even Ahmed, the ex-husband of Sarah Friso, are once again in the spotlight for a very negative reason. Over the weekend, a video was released showing the three men, all smiling, filming a very violent scene in which we see Hisham, a former member of the JLC family who even had an adulterous affair with the Korea Jazz, insulting and assaulting a young man. woman at a party. A sequence that shocked netizens but soon saw the main participants belittle the situation, while Dylan defended his friend, as it took place in the evening – which he said happened in 2020.

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Hisham defends himself, Bubba attacks him

Hisham, the representative of this violence, took the floor to confirm that he did not hit the girl, which is hard to believe given the noise that can be heard. He privately justified his gesture with the theft she would have committed: “Last year, with the GTA team, we had a party in an apartment. People were invited. Including a girl who tried to steal money and jewelry! We caught it in the act. I got out of my hinges, I freaked out! […] I may not have handled it so rough, pulled it, and grabbed it. But I didn’t hit her! I’m not proud of my reaction. I don’t hit women! I apologize to anyone this may have offended.“. In the process, Boba Moin, who transmitted the video condemning the four men, was delighted to recall that Hicham was a former close friend of La Fouine and a member of the Banlieue Sale brand, recalling a common memory he shared with him. According to him, Dubai Police can also take action against the actors in this video, and the victim can file a complaint. Finally, according to various media outlets, Cyril Hanoun and his team also planned to return on Monday evening to this very shocking sequence, by involving various parties interested in TPMP.

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