20 cool and magical evenings that sparkle until the end of the night!

When the festive outfit is bought and the evening makeup is chosen, all that remains is to think about the New Year’s hairstyle 2021. And if at Christmas we chose a wise and discreet look, on New Year’s Eve Sylvester dared a more sophisticated cut. To help you find it, here are over 20 amazing and gorgeous evening hairstyles that are sure to inspire you! Elaborate braids, barrettes, chic kenyons, subtle lengths…there’s something for all tastes and all hair types. Even girls with curly hair will find their happiness here. experimental!

What is the New Year’s hairstyle 2021 to welcome 2022 as it should? 20+ Gorgeous and Magical New Year’s Eve Views!

The end of the year celebrations are fast approaching and with it our urgent need to find an original and easy-to-make hairstyle for New Year’s Eve. Thick curls, hairdo with accessories, elaborate buns…so many options that get lost. But when we’re short on hairstyling inspiration, Instagram and Pinterest always come to our rescue. Star hairstylists or bloggers who have become hair experts, there are many profiles to draw inspiration from on New Year’s Eve. So, without further ado, here are the best festive hairstyles that we have discovered for you on social networks! Modern, sophisticated, bohemian or rocky, discover the look that will make you stand out on the evening of December 31st.

New Year’s hairstyle 2021 with barrettes

New Year's hairstyle medium long hair 2021 women

After the turban headband and velvet bow, salute the hair clips! Easy to wear and a must for years 90sIt is a fairly versatile accessory that perfectly adapts to every mane, regardless of its type or length. So it is perfect for beautifying your New Year’s hairstyle! The best news? No need to spend a fortune to embrace this trend! A few small rhinestone barrettes or barrettes are enough to create a name-worthy evening look and welcome 2022 in style. For a more beautiful effect, feel free to group them.

Banana cake

New Year's hairstyle idea 2021 2022 bohemian bun long hair banana

Do you think this is just an office look? Faster – fast! This hairstyle, which is worn day and night, is perfect for being the most beautiful on New Year’s Eve. While it’s not an easy updo, it’s still relatively accessible for those of you who are looking for a trendy hairstyle for the New Year 2021. The go-to for the holidays is the fuzzy one, and it’s super easy with just a few hair sprays and a tail comb. To pull it up yourself, make a classic banana bun by pressing back a little on top, then try untangling some string at the level of the bun and the top. Spray some hairspray to set it all over and you’ll have a very shiny, fuzzy bun.

Bubble ponytail – easy hairstyle for new year 2021

New Year's Hairstyle Idea 2021 Long Hair Medium Length Ponytail

It’s been a while since the stars set their sights on the ponytail and all its chic looks. On the evening of December 31, 2021, we dare our bubble ponytail. To succeed, nothing could be easier! Get several rubber bands and place them all over your high or low tail. They should be attached at equal intervals as described above.

Thin little braids on loose hair

Hairstyle Idea New Year 2022 Long Hair Thin Braids

Are you looking for a bohemian and romantic hairstyle for 2021? After the bubble ponytail, focus on the braids in Sharon Tate’s style! These bohemian-looking mini braids are perfect for adopting a transforming New Years Eve haircut without spending hours trying another tutorial. It can be worn with everything and everywhere. For the festive season, opt for the simple version: loose hair with two small braids on the sides. An easy yet very elegant look to wear with your eyes closed on New Year’s Eve!

Wet effect on short bob

New Year Hairstyle 2022 Short Square Hair Wet Effect Wet Hair Look

Spotted on the red carpet and on catwalks wet look It is a must-have hairstyle for the evening on New Year’s Eve. Sophisticated and easy to make, the wet hair It is the perfect choice to add elegance to your party outfit. To achieve the wet effect without losing it, all hair must first be dried with a dryer. For this purpose, the part closest to the scalp is moistened with a vaporizer. On this area, we then apply an extra strong styling gel with a fine comb. We are careful not to touch the lengths. Finally, we fix everything with spraying.

Bantu knot

New Years Hairstyle 2021 Kinky Curly Hair Bantu Knot Space Bun Macarons Knotted Buns

To achieve success in your hairstyle for the New Year 2021, we are once again inspired by our favorite stars. Recently adopted by Rihanna and then popular models, Bantu knot It is already everywhere. the reason ? Well, these intricate little updos are more original than a simple bun. The New Year’s Eve hairstyle par excellence, little cousins space cakes Brilliantly conceals greasy and flaky hair. For added style, tie it up with clips, a bow tie, or pair it with a good piece of hair jewelry.

Side hair with accessories – the most sophisticated hairstyle for New Years Eve 2021

New Year's Hairstyle Idea Curly Hair 2021 Side Hair Look

If we had to define the most sophisticated New Year’s hairstyle for 2021, it’s side hair ! Perfect for a New Year’s Eve, this hairstyle is relatively easy to achieve. For success, draw a parting on the side. Next, work the flat side of the hair with styling gel and secure it with a few clips or clips. Curl the rest of the hair. The trick: Enhance the patched area with a good piece of hair jewelry.

New Year’s Hairstyle 2021 Vintage

New Years Eve Hairstyle 2021 Vintage 90th Year Hairstyle Highlighting High Bun

Fake wavy side bangs

New Year's hairstyle 2021 for medium hair

Low ponytail embellished with rhinestones

New Year's Eve 2021 hairstyle idea easy for women

XL . Buckles

New Years Eve hairstyle 2021 Glamorous woman curls of medium length

New Year’s hairstyle 2021 for curly hair

Easy evening hairstyle for New Year's Eve 2021 medium hair

Braided and braided ponytail

New Years Eve party hairstyle 2022 long hair

Totally flat hair

Hairstyle New Year Idea 2022 Easy Woman Long Hair

XL Braided Braids

New Years Hairstyle 2022 Afro Long Hair Idea

Soft, natural waves

New Years Eve Hairstyle 2022 Long Medium Curly Hair

Triple ponytail

New Year's Eve hairstyle idea for women 2021 2022

New Year’s hairstyle 2021 with a velvet ribbon

New Year's Hairstyle 2022 Woman Easy Romantic Hairstyle with Velvet Ribbon

Center parting and rails on the sides

Evening hairstyle for the new year 2021 easy vintage woman hairstyle with long hair barrettes

Half tail height

Hairstyle 90s Idea Women New Years Party Hairstyle 2022

Smooth scarf with clasps

Square short square with barrettes little girl new year hairstyle

High curly ponytail

New Years Eve 2021 curly hair hairstyle

Half ponytail tied with a clip

New Year's Hairstyle 2022 Short Square Hair Half Tail Easy Woman Evening Hairstyle

Low bun – the perfect New Year’s hairstyle 2021 for curly hair

Zara festive outfit New Years Eve 2021 New Year's hairstyle Curly low hair glamorous bun

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