Women’s hair styles in 2022

If last year we focused on adopting natural textures and simple hairstyles for obvious reasons, in 2022 we’re ready for new hair trends. Last year’s low maintenance styles will be replaced by premium trims. Without further ado, discover women’s hairstyles in 2022!

Every woman should choose a fashionable cut that matches her personality. Women’s haircuts in 2022 bring modern shades and textured layers.

side bangs

That’s right, you have a second chance to get a side bang.

Asymmetric cut at the shoulder

This cut can give any bob cut a modern and trendy look. In addition, asymmetrical cuts lengthen and flatten ovals and rounded shapes significantly.

The legendary cuts of the seventies

The legendary cuts of the ’70s also make a comeback in 2022.

Multi Layer Medium Length Cut

Easy-to-maintain layers and a versatile length mean you won’t spend much time styling.

cut genie

Note that very short haircuts are very in fashion this year.

Pixie cuts are still popular

textured layers

Styling is a great way to add texture to naturally fine hair. Also, layers can give curls a lot of life. And even more so than short haircuts. Feel free to opt for curly bangs for an envious look.

Layers add texture to naturally soft hair

Trendy hairstyle for 2022

intermittent layers

Feel free to give your haircut a dose of freshness with choppy layers and bangs.

diapers flippy

These nappies exude a sense of nostalgia for the early 2000s.

hair cut

This wild effect hairstyle greatly flatters all face types. Try enhancing this haircut with curtain bangs. Thus, you will have more volume and texture.

sharp cut

Know that a collarbone-high blunt cut is the most flattering length. If you want to give your hair a thicker look, you are on the right track.

box bob

The square shape, slightly wavy at the ends is one of the Hollywood trends of the past year that is making a comeback. As well as the smooth square that takes care of the cheekbones.

The box bob is back

Women's medium long haircut 2022 in light blue beige jeans and dark blue jacket

Square bob with textured fringe

Do not be afraid to experiment with this cut that is very flattering on the face.

tight lobe

This haircut is perfect for thin hair as it always looks voluminous.

Light and steam cilia

Note that light and soft bangs perfectly refresh any haircut and length.

curtain fringe

This trend is gaining momentum in 2022. The fringe is very elegant and a bit vintage.

cut edge

The cropped bangs are the star element that enhances the long curly cut.

Trends – Women’s Hairstyles in 2022

Short, tapered haircut for women 2022 with a fringe woman in an evening dress


Curls of all kinds are one of the totally must-to-embrace hairstyles this year. Feel free to enhance the hair that scratches the shoulders as well as the short cuts.

Long, messy haircut

Layered haircuts are a cutting technique that involves cutting the top layers of hair shorter than the bottom. Layers on long hair create more movement and add volume to fine hair. Keep in mind that long layered hairstyles usually look great on all face shapes.

Long layered hairstyles look great on all face shapes

Medium long haircut woman 2022 wavy woman in black evening dress

Fashionable haircut 2022 for medium-length women

Medium length haircuts have proven to be among the most popular. Straight, curly, slightly wavy or medium length hair can be worn with any style. Layers or a zigzag cut look really cool on this length of hair. Do not forget that a lob cut is also an excellent version that can be adopted on medium length hair. Note that all forms of bangs look very elegant on medium hair.

Layered Medium Length Hair

In general, layered hairstyles look more attractive than one-length cuts because the layers offer more attractive, clear and varied shapes. Moreover, this haircut suits all face shapes. It is ideal for thick, fine, curly hair and for round and oval faces. Note that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain. You can curl the ends or straighten them with a hair straightener. It is up to you to decide which look to adopt.

Choose a decadent medium length haircut

Trendy medium-length woman's haircut in a white bare-shoulder top black skinny jeans

abbreviation tapered Women’s Trend 2022

Before, only men had pointed haircuts. Nowadays, this haircut has become one of the most elegant short haircuts for women. This cut gives a modern, bold and sexy look to women who have the courage to adopt it. Moreover, long cuts are easier to maintain. This is one of the greatest assets of this cut. Note that you can get a messy and edgy look with the help of an asymmetrical cut. It is easy to maintain and gives a neat and messy look at the same time. Do not forget that you can always bet on a margin that can hide some imperfection. Keep in mind that the pixie haircut is well suited for different face shapes. You don’t need to invest a lot of time to style your hair. This cut can be left as is after applying a little gel to keep the hair lifted.

short hair woman hairstyle

Know that the bob cut is quite versatile and offers plenty of options for a different look. So, if you are looking for a layered bob, you can add curls. Layers add particularly flattering volume, especially for people with high cheekbones. If you prefer a short, sleek and elegant cut, you can use a little gel. Remember that short haircuts are timeless and are suitable for almost all face shapes and hair types. The classic pixie is the perfect example of a short and elegant hairstyle. Longer layers add a feminine touch to the pixie cut.

Timeless short hairstyles

A very short dress for women with a very short story 2022 elegant in black with bare shoulders

What is a women’s cut to rejuvenate?

Over the years, the hair undergoes changes in thickness, the hair fibers become thinner, the hair loses its luster, becomes more brittle and even changes its texture. It can either become straighter, curly or smooth. Experts advise short hairstyles because they help regeneration. Note that the asymmetric genie is a very fun and versatile cut. If you want a slightly longer cut, opt for the bob. Remember that light curls add texture, so take advantage of it. Keep in mind that a drape stroke helps give the face a youthful appearance, as well as hide wrinkles. On the color side, prefer lighter shades that soften facial features. For brunettes, a good choice is chocolate or shiny copper. For brown – golden shades. In other words, feel free to play with light.

Hair cutting ideas that are renewed

Short hair woman hairstyle that renews women in white blouse blue jacket and white pants

What is the haircut this winter?

According to the experts, blunt bob will still be the best choice for anyone looking to cut their hair. On the other hand, women who love their long hair will opt for long choppy layers to add movement to the existing length. It can be worn with or without bangs. In addition, it is suitable for almost all hair types and lengths. Remember, bangs are a great way to freshen up your look without compromising the length of the hair.

Women’s hair styles in 2022

Medium long and smooth hair decadent honey and caramel in a beige casual outfit

A great short story 2022

The square will continue to be one of the most popular hairstyles

Short haircut woman in an oversized white blouse with black pants

A woman's haircut in 2022 to rejuvenate a woman with a white blouse and a camel coat

Long decadent cut light blond curls woman in a black white handbag

Medium length cut, sweeping shaded

Trendy Cut 2022 Mid-Long Shaded Woman Sweater Oversize Black Shoes

The declining box of medium length is very fashionable

Short short woman trend 2022 asymmetrical fringe woman in black blouse

Degraded short haircut for women 2022 shaded trend in white blouse

Choose a medium-length layered cut to add volume to the hair

Fashionable mid-length haircut woman in white shorts and a casual black outfit

Women's haircut in a short cup 2022 with bangs on the side A woman wearing a green denim blouse and high-heeled shoes

Short haircut 2022 woman with bangs woman in white top and gray pants

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