With short and long hair .. How to properly wear a hat in the winter?


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A beanie is a must in winter. It is fashionable and keeps you warm. Which one do you choose? How do you wear it well? We answer you and we have chosen our favorite models.

It’s all good to protect yourself from the cold. The balaclava is back in fashion and lets you stand up to the bravest winter temperatures. Not a fan of this trend? Bet on a hat that will keep you warm once the weather turns choppy. But it’s also a very stylish fashion accessory that fashion lovers will appreciate. It can be worn with everything and has all shapes and colors. Thus, you will necessarily find your happiness.

What are the most fashionable models of the moment? The basic black beanie is a timeless staple that can go with all your outfits. As recently adopted by blogger JuneSixtyFive. The mottled and colorful model is also very trendy: you could, for example, dress it up like Carla Ginola, with a long coat and a big jacket. To brighten the face, nothing is better than a beige or cream hat. Instantly highlights complexion. The model with the Emitaz influencer logo is perfect!

Our selection of the trendy penny

Pretty Little Things Lilac Beanie

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How do you wear a beanie with short hair?

It is not easy to wear a headgear when you have short hair. why ? The hair does not stand out and suddenly the effect is sometimes strange. But don’t panic, you can adopt a beanie and be stylish with it if you have short hair. You just have to choose the right shape and lay it well. We prefer cups that hug the shape of the head and aren’t too baggy. You can bet on different colors: bright pink, orange, purple, sky blue… the options are endless. To make it look perfect on you, you can either wear it covering all of your hair or slightly back to show off your short haircut. If you have a short square, you can wear the hat as a long-haired person because your hair will come out of the hat.

How do you wear a hat with a fringe?

Curtain margin is rising. It goes well with all kinds of headwear but especially with a winter beanie. It’s the same for the right margin. Just a little trick to think of: Always keep a small bottle of dry shampoo in your bag to restore volume and lightness to bangs. In fact, the coating can crush it and make it “greasy” more quickly. A spray of dry shampoo and you’re done!

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