Will short hair look good on me?

short hair, is this for me? To find out, follow our advice.

Why give in to a short haircut?

Even if long hair is so practical to have beautiful hairstyles, who has never wondered: “Is short hair suitable for me?

It must be said that everyone surrenders to short hair. So of course, that’s tempting.

But decision-making can be complicated: often, doubt prevails and the end result is not always guaranteed.

Fortunately, thanks to our infallible test to see if short hair works for us, you won’t be wondering anymore!

to Find out if a short haircut is right for youJust apply the 2.25-inch rule: Understand, in French, the six-centimeter rule.

This magical formula was developed by a hairdressing wizard, the hairstylist everyone now knows thanks to his hair products: John Frieda.

“It’s a matter of angle,” explains Giles Robinson, hairstylist who is second to none throughout the channel.

John Frieda studied differently face shapes And they came to the conclusion that it is the angle of the jawbone that determines who can wear a short haircut, and who should have long hair instead. ”

But don’t panic: It’s easy to measure to see which cut was made for you.

To try, place a horizontal pencil under your chin, then place the ruler vertically under your ear.

Then take the measurement from the intersection of the pencil and ruler.

So you forgot the pseudo-square technique to see if short hair would work for you.

If your age is less than six centimeters: you have everything to gain by undergoing the short haircut. the duty ? Use an asymmetrical wick to further elongate the face.

On the other hand, if you have long face Like Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair, forget short hair. You are sure to exceed the famous six centimeters.

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