Why does white hair turn yellow? 5 tips to treat it easily and naturally!

What if monthly coloring could be forgotten? Although not the majority, a good number of women proudly embrace the white man. So why not? What is the downside? Sometimes they tend to be yellow. But why exactly does white hair turn yellow? And what do you do to avoid yellow reflections and keep the bright white this summer? Find answers to these questions and more in our hair guide below!

Why does white hair turn yellow?

Is your white mane turning yellow? But why exactly does white hair turn yellow? Being more fragile in the face of sunlight, sea salt, pollution and the heat of summer, they tend to yellow very quickly. To maintain your beautiful white color when the sunny days return, 5 tips to combat yellowing are essential. Follow our guide to learn how to get rid of yellow highlights permanently.

5 tips to prevent white hair from turning yellow

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Fashionable white hair! But when they turn yellow, we want to color them. More fragile because it is devoid of melanin, it requires special care so that it does not turn yellow. Here are 5 simple tips for sporting a perfectly healthy white mane without smudging.

Neutralizing yellow reflections with a yellowing product

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Gray hair should be treated with a yellowish shampoo whether it is natural or colored. So, once or twice a month, apply a purple shampoo to whiten white hair that turns yellow. Typically composed of purple and blue pigments, this product erases yellow tones in just moments. However, be careful not to leave it on for too long. To remove all residue, rinse your skin for several minutes after moving on to the next step. Shampoo, conditioner, cream, spray or mask, the products for yellowing are endless.

Protecting white hair from harmful external factors

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As mentioned earlier, white hair is naturally more brittle, drier and brittle to external factors (sun, sea, dust, chlorine, etc.) than other humans. And taking care of their protection and care begins with a shower. You may be aware of this, but hard water and silicone-rich hair products tend to make white hair dull. Straightening irons and hair dryers further weaken the hair fibres. The same goes for tobacco and chlorine. So it is necessary to change some of your daily habits: wearing a swimming cap in the shower or in the pool, avoiding heating devices, preferring natural hair products, applying sunscreen before laying in the sun, etc.

Moisturise your skin regularly

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White hair is constantly tested. However, in summer, yellow reflections are more likely to appear. This is why it is important to pamper them fairly regularly. For this purpose, use repairing and nourishing remedies such as home masks for dry hair. Keratin products are also welcome. Once the good weather returns, don’t forget to take care of the sunscreen to protect the fibers from UV rays. Also, spray on heat protectant sprays when styling your hair. When you return from vacation, choose an anti-yellowing paint in the salon that will neutralize the yellow reflections that you have not been able to eliminate.

Make a bath out of apple cider vinegar

Why does white hair turn yellow and white hair turn yellow

Mix 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with 3 liters of water. After shampooing, rinse your hair with this mixture. Rinse well with clean water. Condition the locks afterwards with a white conditioner and style as usual. Repeat the hair treatment once a week. An infusion of purple hollyhawk petals and hot water is another good solution to consider to avoid yellow highlights. Steep the tea until you get the desired purple color. The more noticeable the yellow tint of your hair, the more saturated the lotion should be. After shampooing, wash your hair with this tea. Rinse well with clean water and you are done.

Choose the gray blend

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The gray blend, What is that ? Translated literally, it means “gray mixture” in French. This is a sweeping technique specially designed for white hair. It consists in working out an application method to impart shadows and reflections on the white man in order to enhance them. The result ? A careful wipe, either light if performed on colored hair that has already grown, or darker if you want to embrace the salt and pepper hair trend. The basic idea is to dissolve the white hair in the mass for a uniform and natural result.

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