Why does the hair not exceed a certain length?

The long hairWe’ve all dreamed of it at some point. Look at our hair up to our pelvis. To have the material to create red carpet hairstyles, in short, to have long hair. Unfortunately, some of us had to give up on this project. Who did not have the impression that his Poetry You do not want to exceed a certain length. That once you reach the shoulders or shoulders, the hair growth is over. We may have a hair care batch working like a pro, nothing helps. When he no longer wants, he no longer wants. though, our hair growth nIt never stops. However, there is a reason why Your hair does not exceed a certain length when they grow up.

Our hair has a limit to growth?

On Instagram, the hairstylist who is very popular among Hollywood celebrities gave us some good things to know about our hair. In fact, l Tom SmithWhose name is our poetry? Constantly in the growth cycle “But then it comes from” the fall “.

explains that ” Each hair will grow for several months before it sprouts It is replaced by new hair.This will determine your average height“.

So this cycle will be the main reason why we exist Poetry Do not exceed a certain length. In fact, we all have an average eternity of length, and when our hair reaches it, it makes way for new people who will be living the good life until they reach that famous length. But beware, according to the expert, this is not the only reason that explains this growth limit.

Micro fractures? Hair enemies of our dreams

If our hair has a coil average heightthey are also subject to small breaks. These are more in tips. So invisible, they are unfortunately inevitable. Yes, yes, even when you go every 3 months to cut your ends at your stylist, you can suffer from micro-fractions of knowledge.

When we wonder how our hair growth can slow down, Tom Smith reply that ” This could mean that although the hair grows from the root, its length can be stunted due to breakage at the ends. »

Obviously, whatever we do, if it doesn’t come from above, the problem is less.

How do you avoid microfractures?

We assure you, every problem has a solution and a solution Poetry, which no longer grows, is no exception to the rule. To prolong their growth cycle, there are several options. First of all, think about Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Our sleep, diet, and stress level play an important role in the health of our hair. So if you want them to grow, give them the resources to do so. Then you can help yourself with cSupplements and chewing gum Rich in vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth. Finally, if your problem is heights, we’ll do it Masks and serums hair allies.

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