When a hat makes you forget illness and strengthens you

Under her elegant wine-colored velvet hat, Leah smiled shyly. Sheltered from the sun in her garden, Fabian Delphine, a 22-year-old designer of toppers, gently tells her story. And in particular what explains his presence on that day in this Brussels workshop, on the occasion of the presentation of the Caring hat Fund initiative, created at the end of 2021, which aims to raise funds for the provision of high-quality chef hat to people affected by alopecia areata who cannot bear it. in other words : “Contribute to their well-being”.

Because if Leah came to testify in this context, she would have lost her hair, after chemotherapy after the breast cancer she was diagnosed with last September. “I wasn’t expecting that at allthe bac 2 student, who will become an elementary school teacher, admits to us, But I carried the BRCA2 gene. No one in my family has ever had breast cancer.” Suffice it to say that at the dawn of her twenties, the world was turned upside down for Leah.

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