What trends should be adopted this season?

When it comes to fall 2021 hairstyle trends, the current season has a lot to offer. From long manes to short cuts, through modern bangs and the latest hair color – the hair world has something for everyone. But there is one short style that seems to have charmed all the girls over the past few months – the pixie cut. Easy to maintain and wear, it’s a classic and timeless look that women of all ages love. Those who are short on time but still want a haircut that stands out they are sure to love. Their great asset: they are so versatile and can be adapted to any morphology! Just choose the version and length that works for you and you can be sure to wear the perfect cut for your face shape and lifestyle. Read on and find out which 2021 female pixie story is right for you.

Why seduced by Pixie Woman Cut 2021?

The Pixie cut for women is an integral part of the canon hair trends at the start of the 2021 school year, but also for the months to come. No wonder, because it’s an incredibly versatile style that makes a bold statement. Added to this is the fact that this version of the short haircut is ideal for women who are short on time because it is very easy to style. Additionally, the Pixie cut comes in so many variations that there is one perfect for every woman.

Best short haircut of 2021

Women's pixie cut 2021 Ash blonde

The short Pixie cut is a timeless look. Since the hair is completely short, this hair style has become fun for most face shapes. The big advantage of this hairstyle is that there is virtually no maintenance. But a slightly messy texture can still be added by relying on the right styling products. For a bolder and more modern look, you can make a side part that is back.

Long genie cut

Modern Long Pixie Cut Fall 2021

The Long Pixie Cut is the perfect hybrid style for ladies who want a smoother hair makeover. Long hair length allows more freedom in hairstyles. You can also play with layers and coloring which allows you to adopt a 100% unique and modern look. The good news is that Long Pixie is ideal for naturally curly and wavy hair, making it a versatile choice for any hair fiber.

pixie bob cut

60s Hybrid Pixie Bob Cut Modern Edition

Speaking of hybrid cuts, the Pixie Bob is a very hot version that is becoming more and more talked about. This quintessential ’60s look is making a comeback, and for good reason. Very elegant and easy to wear, this hair style is perfect for fine hair giving it a look that is feminine and elegant at the same time. It should also not be overlooked that this is a great short haircut for round faces. To enhance your Pixie Bob’s cut, simply add some hair clips or a headband. For a flawless party look, feel free to embrace the wet effect, by smoothing your hair back.

The woman cut Pixie in 2021 by surprise

Baby haircut pixie short tapered bangs hair

Adding bangs to a pixie cut is a winning way to soften your features, especially if you have a pronounced jawline and angular face. For example, side bangs are the perfect choice for square or heart-shaped body shapes, while short, blunt bangs work best for oval faces. If you’re hesitant to take the initiative, a Pixie cut can still be paired with a modern curtain fringe that draws attention toward your eyes and cheekbones.

Undercut and Pixie 2 in 1

Modern female pixie cut with braided and trimmed braid

A classic choice among modern short haircuts, Undercut always attracts the attention of women. For fall 2021, we’re linking it to a Pixie cut for a hybrid hair style thanks to which we’ll stand out from the crowd. In fact, we give ourselves the best of both worlds: more length on the top of the head and very short cut sides, and sometimes the throat. The great thing about Pixie Cut and Undercut 2-in-1 is that you have the freedom to wear your hair with its natural texture for ultimate comfort or straighten it for a unique and modern look.

Asymmetric Pixie Cut

Asymmetrical pixie cut side bangs blond hair

The asymmetrical Pixie is one of the most popular hairstyles. This adorable and sexy style features longer length on one side of the head and shorter hair on the other. Its big advantage is its ability to slim the face while drawing attention to the eyes and jawline.

Pixie cut of a 60-year-old woman

60 year old pixie haircut salt and pepper hair

The pixie cut is a stylish cut that suits women of all ages, but is especially striking when worn by mature women with gray hair. The key to a successful look is to choose a short or long, straight or curly version depending on your personal preferences and the shape of your face.

pixie cut for afro hair

Women's pixie cut 2021 with afro hair Jennifer Hudson

Women with curly hair have many styling options when it comes to cutting curly hair. They can embrace their natural hair by adopting a very short version. Natural short curls are all the rage right now and they are a great alternative to a protective hairstyle. Another interesting idea to try is braiding your natural hair and adopting a short wig. This way, you won’t need to cut your hair and your curls will stay healthy.

Ladies pixie cut for fine hair

Pixie woman's cut to color soft arctic blonde hair

The Pixie Woman Cut 2021 is ideal for fine hair. The challenge is to give the mane more volume and texture, so that it does not fall out. The choppy layers create the illusion of more volume adding dimension to the hair. Side bangs are also a great way to enhance a pixie cut on thinning hair.

Feminine fairy cut for thick hair

Woman pixie cut her thick afro hair with bangs on the side

Thick hair and a feminine pixie cut make the perfect duo. It turns out that a classic Pixie cut or a very short version will be a great option for women with thick hair, because the shorter the length, the easier it is to style and dry the hair. Delicate highlights or baby highlights can be added to give hair some dimension.

Adopting a pixie cut on curly hair

Modern short haircut Pixie on curly hair

Yes, you can adopt a Pixie haircut if you have curly hair and the result will be very impressive. This hairstyle will make you look attractive, fresh and young. Your stylist should cut your hair in an attractive way to make the most of the natural volume and bounce of your curls. To avoid frizz, it is advisable to use a special product that defines the curls so that they look their best.

K-Pop Pixie

Fashionable K-pop woman cut with bangs

K-Pop Pixie, have you heard of it? It turns out it’s been the favorite hair style of Asian pop stars for quite some time now. In fact, it’s a slightly boxy cut with origins dating back to the ’90s. The lengths have been cut in such a way as to create a nice frame around the face while highlighting the best features. This version of the Pixie Woman Cut 2021 is perfect for all hair types, but it looks especially nice on smooth and curly hair.

Pixie haircut for women 2021 according to the shape of the face

Very short haircut for women, fall-winter 2021 version

Just as the type of bangs is an important criterion for the right choice of cut, the perfect version of the Pixie cut is still essential for a successful look. In the following paragraphs, Deavita focuses on the perfect Pixie cut according to your morph.

Layered pixie cut for heart-shaped or inverted triangle faces

Women's casual styles 2021 Inverted triangle in the shape of a heart

Just because your face is shaped like an inverted triangle or a heart doesn’t mean you can’t take the liberty of adopting a short Pixie haircut. exactly the contrary ! To balance out the shapes, choose a pixie with different layers. Keep it elegant by emphasizing uneven lengths.

What is the short haircut for a square face?

What cut a female pixie for a square face

The ideal version of the pixie cut for square faces should be characterized by soft bangs, light layers and soft ends so that the jaw line does not look pronounced and angular.

The perfect pixie for an oval and rectangular face

Women's Pixie Cut 2021 Oval and Rectangular Face

If your face is oval, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to styling your cropped haircut. Play with textures and customize your hairstyle as you see fit. If in doubt, the messy style is always the perfect choice for oval and oblong faces.

Any pixie cut for a round face?

pixie cut short haircut ideas for round face

It is believed that short hair is not suitable for women with a round face. However, this is not true. A pixie cut can accentuate your eyes and elongate your neck – the key here isn’t adding volume to the sides. The important thing is to think about the hair on the top of the head. Play with texture and feel free to create a few curls or waves on top of the forehead.

Pixie cut with undercut on silver hair

Women's pixie cut on silver hair with shortening

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