What is the ideal bob length for you? Should we adopt it with a margin or not?

The square is the most universal and easy-to-wear haircut that will suit everyone, but of course, if you know what length to choose. You don’t want your oval face to look more rounded, do you? To avoid any potential mistakes when cutting your hair, check out this article. It may be useful to you We have compiled a gallery of inspirational images with variations of the most popular haircut, from Blunt bob to Blogger bob, to dips and layers. In addition, you will find out what the professionals think, and what is their advice? Without further ado, here’s the perfect bob length!

What is the ideal length of the square according to the opinion of specialists?

Spring is the perfect time to go through your scissors box and get ready for those hot summer days. But if you’re new to this and it’s your first time making such a drastic change, it can be hard to pick the perfect length. Don’t let inexperience ruin your look. Check out our tips first. There are certain rules that can help you find the perfect square and there they are.

short square hairstyle

Perfect square length hairstyle

The short square haircut is ideal for women with an oval face. Sorry to say, but this approach is not very versatile. People with a rectangular or heart-shaped face should avoid short bobs, as it can create the illusion of a significantly pointed chin. The same goes for those with an oblong face, as it can make it appear taller and disproportionate.

Long square hairstyle

long square hairstyle

The long bob cuts off round face shapes to draw the eye more, according to hairstylist Jonathan Colombini of L’Oréal Paris. Also called a “lob”, the elongated bob lengthens the face while slimming the width. If your face is heart shaped, you should also use this length. One of the best long bob benefits is that you don’t have to say goodbye to mermaid hair as you will always have the choice of chignons, ponytails and other trendy 2022 hairstyles.

Medium Length Square Hairstyle


“The best shape for a round face is just below the chin to elongate it,” says celebrity hairstylist Alex Brown. This means that a medium length bob is the right choice for you. It is also recommended for use on an oval face. You can’t go wrong with square face shapes with a medium length bob. It defines the jaw line that brings out the beauty of this powerful feature which is a huge trend right now. But if you design it correctly, you can also soften its appearance.

Plunge, layers, with or without bangs?

What haircut to choose this year 2022

If you want to elevate your look even more, add bangs to the mix. This is especially true for oval faces, as they tend to have a longer forehead. This allows you to wear straight or curtain bangs without locking the face. Adding bangs to bobs is a great way to smooth and balance heart-shaped faces, too.

If you’d rather soften your jaw line, rather than draw attention to it, consider a chunky, layered bob. It can be of any length, but it looks especially elegant when cut at the chin. It brings a lot of volume and movement to the hairstyle.

A layered bob looks great on women with oval faces, but it can also soften the look of square faces. It is quite fashionable to have hair that is a little shorter in the back than in the front. So feel free to try it out.

Perfect Bob Length: Photo Gallery

Plunging square hairstyle

You can embrace the bob, even if you have curly hair

What a square for curly hair

The decadent square hairstyle is easier to style and ideal for women over 50.

Cut the deteriorated plunge box

Choose a quality stylist who has experience cutting a variety of bobs

Planet Bob - Hairstyle - Trend 2022

The most flattering bob cut is a little longer and sits 2cm below the jawline.

Classic French Bob on Blond Hair

Bob cuts offer great versatility in length, texture, layer and detail

Hairstyle 2022 50 year old woman

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bob cut is what makes you feel good.

Hairstyle for thin hair

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