What is the best curly hair routine to follow? Hair Salon Effect Ritual in 5 Simple Steps

Any girl knows that curly hair needs extra attention and special care to look good. But maintaining it shouldn’t give you a headache, ruin you, or eat up all your free time. Admittedly, figuring out a curly hair routine that suits our hair type takes time, but once you figure it out, it will make your life a lot easier. Haven’t found you yet? Try the following beauty rituals that include only 5 simple steps, but the results are amazing!

Homemade curly hair routine with professional results

Whether you have light waves, curls, or curly hair, this curly hair routine is guaranteed! After trying it on, you’ll get defined, bouncy and strong curls as if you just walked out of a hair salon. So, without further ado, here are 5 steps, from washing to shaping, plus some extra tips…

Hair routine curly curly serbs simple steps washing drying hairstyle

As you already know, your curls need good moisture to look attractive. But many shampoos deprive them of the natural oils they need to stay healthy. So help them retain as much moisture as possible by using a special shampoo for curly hair. In other words, finding the right shampoo and not using it too often is the first step to success.

Curly Hair Routine Simple Steps Wash Drying Hairstyle

Likewise, include so-called co-washing in your weekly routine for curly hair. It’s perfect for those days when washing your hair isn’t necessary, but you’re not happy with the way your tresses look. The method consists of a thorough washing with water only, applying a conditioner after shampoo and a final rinse. This gentle cleansing does not strip your hair of its natural oils or cause frizz.

Leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes

Curly hair routine 5 simple steps to wash, dry and style hair

Remember that curly hair is thirsty hair, so don’t get the conditioner! Use a special treatment for the curl and apply it to each strand, generously covering it with the product. Then use a wide-toothed comb to gently detangle the knots. Finally, let the conditioner do its magic for a few minutes longer than recommended before rinsing it off.

Hair curling routine after washing

What is a curly hair routine to adopt a hair salon effect ritual simple steps

Once you get out of the shower, take a microfiber towel or a soft cotton T-shirt and gently twist your hair to remove excess water. Do not rub or use a regular towel, as this practice will weaken your hair strands and cause frizz. If you notice you’ve lost knots, spray a leave-in conditioner onto the hair before using the comb again.

Which product defines curls well?

How to maintain curls Which curls routine to adopt a dazzling effect

There are many types of hair styling products and finishing treatments designed specifically to define curls. Frankly, we could swerve without an ocean of serums, gels, sprays, creams, mousses, and emulsions whose advertisements attack us from all sides. So, finding the pomade or pomade that suits us best and including them in our curly hair routine is no easy task. It’s kind of an experimental experience that starts with deciding what kind of locks we have.

Short curly hair routine Simple steps wash dry diffuser

For example, a water-based mousse usually works well on wavy hair, while a thicker oily formula will provide better definition for spiral curls or even curly hair. Whatever product you choose, start styling when the strands are still wet or at least damp, starting from the ends to the top to enhance the formation of curls or waves. Also try the bowl method, which is supposed to rehydrate.

How to dry curly hair routine diffuser head wavy curly

To speed up the drying process of your hair strands and get their shape without adding frizz at the same time, set your hair dryer on the lowest setting and add a diffuser. Here is a helpful video showing how to use this extensive tip during our regular curly hair routine:

Finish off your trendy and sexy hairstyle with a hairspray that will make your curls shine and last all day. Finally, don’t forget about regular visits to your favorite hairdresser to get a maintenance cut. The driest and most brittle parts of your curls are their ends and when the ends split, even the most miraculous frizzy hair routine can’t save the day.

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