What is it and how is it used to get silky hair instantly?

Do you want a long, smooth and shiny mane? Discover the latest trending hair trend on the web that promises hair as silk as silk! No frizz, no hair breakage, perfect smoothing, smooth touch and unmistakable suppleness, that’s the promise of liquid hair, the trend that detangled glass hair. Look at social networks to find out how to adopt them!

Liquid hair: the phenomenon of capillaries suitable for long, smooth and shiny hair

Liquid Hair is everywhere, from fashion shows to social media! Already seen on the heads of our favorite stars like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa, silky hair and XXL lengths never lose their popularity. But how do you determine this hair trend? Is it made for everyone? And how do we benefit from this shiny effect on our hair? light!

What is liquid hair?

Kim Kardashian Hair Color Liquid 2022

‘Liquid’ hair is taking over Instagram and TikTok! But then, what exactly is it? In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a trend. In 2018, Glass Hair was everywhere. A hairdo without any volume, semi-geometric, distinguished by its high-gloss look. Two years later, Kim Kardashian and her hairstylist Kris Appleton introduced another straightening technique called hair lamination. Today, the method is reinventing itself into a hair liquid.

Liquid Hair 2022 Straightening Technology Megan Fox's hairstyle

In English, the term literally means “liquid hair” or “man that looks like it’s flowing.” A translation that perfectly describes the direction in question. And while the idea of ​​having smooth and shiny hair remains the same, the end result is different. Unlike Glass Hair, Liquid Mane is more flexible and less stiff. It enhances hair by making it shiny and silky like water in the sun to ensure a glamorous look without frizz or frizz for build day and night.

Trend Liquid Hair Smoothing Glass Technology 2022

good news ! You can enjoy liquid hair at home with some special products. Therefore, there is no need to contact your hairdresser for a long, smooth and shiny mane. what do you need ? Intensive keratin-based treatment that eliminates frizz, moisturizes hair, and gives it shine and elasticity. Followed by flattening it or tumbling dry it to make it as soft and silky as possible.

What is the technology of liquid hair, hair smoothing, smoothing, glossy and silky keratin care 2022

The right choice? Keratin-disciplined shampoo and mask, signed by Kérastase. They are true allies to nourish and enhance your mane in no time. To achieve this desired glossy effect, please use a heat protectant spray (before straightening) in addition to the shine activator. A little hairspray and a few drops of apple cider vinegar are also very suitable for making hair shiny.

How To Make Liquid Hair Smooth, Shiny And Silky The Liquid Hair Straightening Technique 2022

However, if you do not have time to take care of it at home, go to the hairdressing salon. There, your hairdresser will offer you a keratin treatment appropriate for your hair type to give it shine and luster. We remind you that keratin has the magical power of strengthening hair and closing scales. It also smoothes and repairs the mane. Some hair experts in Paris prefer to use natural and vegan products to make your dreams come true. why ? Simply to avoid animal abuse.

Bob Trend Liquid Short Smooth Hair Women's Trend 2022

If liquid hair promises super-smooth lengths of XXL, it goes especially well with a short bob cut. Thus we get the most fashionable hairstyle of the moment which is called Liquid Bob. We know that all too well, the arena has been constantly reinventing itself in recent years. Bobcat, box bob, french bob, lob, bixie cut, Italian square… A real immortal chameleon in the hair world.

How to make a liquid hair straightener at home with the short square liquid technology 2022

To adopt it in the liquid version, nothing could be easier. Just ditch your damaged lengths and go for a short, straight and sleek cut. To make it shiny, bet on the right keratin-based products (see above) before taking out the steaming straightener. Once you’re done straightening, you’ll have a shiny, sleek and elegant hairstyle to die for!

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