What is a women’s haircut that makes me? Top 7 amazing hairstyles

When our bodies are more or less sensual, it is very likely that our faces reflect this sensuality as well. The cheekbones are rarely expressive, the cheeks are very full and the general shape of the face is round or square instead of elongated or oval. And as we well know, the shape of the face is essential for choosing a hairstyle that compliments our look. So which curly women’s haircut would you choose to balance our proportions, accentuate our best features and even become more attractive?

What is the hairstyle and haircut for round women by hair type?

Fortunately, the options for a good round women’s haircut are not as limited as you might think at first glance. In fact, it is not at all and there are a variety of styles that you can wear to look incredibly stylish and sexy! Here are 7 of our top ideas for short, medium or long hair, straight, wavy or curly, blondes, redheads or brunettes.

Classic bob or lob with side parting

The idea of ​​a woman cutting round square hair lower jaw parting on the side

A square that stops a few centimeters below the lower jaw is ideal for chubby girls with straight hair. If your hair is fine too, ask your stylist to slightly rotate the lengths to add volume. The piece of resistance here is the offset parting. It makes the round women’s haircut less symmetrical by visually lengthening the face and that’s exactly what we aim for. If your face shape is square or rectangular, this bob with a side parting will soften the corners as well. The blonde coloring makes it more interesting, but it works perfectly for brunettes and redheads too.

The best idea for long and medium length hair

Round Haircut Woman Long Wavy Blonde Balaya Wavy Haircut

Long, smooth hair that lacks texture is generally not recommended for women with more or less round faces. On the other hand, a medium-length haircut can suit you perfectly if you add dynamic texture or interesting coloring. For example, try blonde balayage or waves to add movement and soften the contour of the face. Waves and lights can be strategically shaped to draw attention to your best features like your eyes.

Short afro haircut for frizzy hair

Haircut idea for a curvy black woman with short afro curly hair

While the classic ’70s afro can make your face appear wider, a cropped afro can be a great solution for girls with curly or frizzy hair. However, there is one peculiarity to keep in mind before taking the plunge… In particular, the stylist should make slight changes to the cut by leaving the hair longer at the top of the head. Shorter sides will balance out your dimensions and your face will appear less wide. Moreover, a short afro is easy to maintain and thus an ideal choice for active girls who are always in a hurry.

Hair attached to volume at the crown

What hairstyle round women's hair attached volume to the top

Here’s an idea based on the same principles as the previous one, but intended for completely different hair. If you have shoulder length hair and want to wear it, opt for a low bun with volume at the top of the head. Such a vaulted crown gives the illusion of a face that is longer than wide and is perfect considering our subjects. It works with an everyday high ponytail or with a banana bun to achieve a great formal hairstyle. To add an elegant and romantic touch to this hairstyle, leave some loose, wavy locks around the face.

Round Haircut For Women: Shake

Woman hairstyle idea round shaggy hairstyle volume bangs shaggy

With so-called action-packed, so-called volumizing is at the top of the list of curly hair. It’s the perfect choice for women who love an intentionally “pull-out” hairstyle with a dash of ’70s spirit. Dynamic haircuts like shaggy are a perfect choice for round or square faces! The reason for this is that they distract attention from the widest part of the face which is usually the jaw line. By adding bangs, you can also darken your broad forehead, which is also a feature that often accompanies curly hair. However, avoid straight bangs and opt for side or curtain bangs instead. Finally, make sure your stylist blends the bangs with the rest of the cut for a seamless look.

Honestly, a gorgeous long wavy bob

Sarah Hyland's Best Women's Haircut Ideas for Round Face

Loved by influencers everywhere, the wavy lob adds an artistic and glamorous touch to any look. It is an impeccable round haircut because the delicate waves soften the contour and hide the wide cheekbones and forehead. While the side parting would be ideal, creating a more flattering asymmetric effect, parting the hair down the middle is also attractive as long as the waves around the face are shaped as they should.

“Bob tucked” as a round haircut for a woman

Lucy Hale's best square-faced haircut idea

Use the wavy bob in a classic version like what Sarah Hyland did or as a tucked-in bob like Lucy Hale—two gorgeous young stars who aren’t round, but their face shape is very specific and requires a certain width make-up.

What haircut for a round woman would you choose?

Women's haircut idea square wavy bob round lower jaw

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