What is a trendy hairstyle after 60? Classy ideas and style lessons not to be missed!

It has already been proven that long hair after the age of 50 is no longer considered a taboo. Likewise, we’ve seen that long-banned curly bangs aren’t a wrong style move either. Admittedly, the rules of the hair game change over time, becoming more liberal and innovative. So, what is a trendy hairstyle that you can wear after the age of 60 without risking showing bad taste? Let’s take a look at some of the hottest celebrities to get some inspiration and get your hair done!

What is a trendy hairstyle after 60? short haircut ideas

Anyway, short haircuts are at the top of the list of 50 or 60 year old female hairstyles. Easier to maintain than long ones, but also artistic, it is no coincidence that baby-boom ladies prefer them and wear them with their heads held high.

Bold and elegant pepper and salt boy

Trendy Hairstyle Idea After 60, Jimmy Lee Curtis, 62

Jamie Lee Curtis is one of the most famous ambassadors not only for the ultra-short pixie cut, but for the idea of ​​embracing gray hair rather than trying to hide it. This signature hairstyle is bold and never out of style.

The genie is called Choppy

The idea of ​​a trendy hairstyle 60 years after Emma Thompson 62 years

British actress Emma Thompson is another stylish woman that many people associate with her short hair. So try the choppy tapered pixie, especially if your hair is thin and somewhat flat.

Trendy Hairstyle After 60: Varied Genie

Fashionable hairstyle idea after 60 Jane Fonda 83 years

The pixie cut with plenty of volume on top is a trendy post-60 hairstyle that cannot be underestimated if you want to go for an artistic look. And the proof is Jane Fonda who just can’t seem to get old!

Short, curly and bulky to have on the coat

The idea of ​​a trendy hairstyle after 60 years of 88-year-old Ellen Burstyn

Short blonde haircuts with a face framing are another flawless option for girls of legal age. Eileen Burstein flaunts such an amazing hairstyle where the hair is lightly curled and pulled back to show off her beautiful facial features.

Squares as a fashionable hairstyle after 60

Fashionable haircut ideas after 60 years of stylish stars

The second category of fashionable cuts and hairstyles ideal for mature women is based on another classic, namely: the bob cut. Let’s see what the sexiest avatars are worn by famous actresses, models, and businesswomen.

Simply short wavy bob

Fashionable hairstyle idea after 60, Helen Mirren 76 years old

The bob that hits the earlobes has always been a stylish cut. In Helen Mirren’s model variant, it was softened further with subtle waves and a slightly off-center parting. Does the idea appeal to you?

Blunt Bob for the most daring

Planet Bob Trendy Hairstyle Idea After 60 Faith 66

The so-called “blunt bob” is another version of the classic bob game that pushes the boundaries of straight blocks. This hairstyle is cut and subtle, and is usually not suitable for mature faces that tend to become less symmetrical with age. However, spice with a side parting like Iman balances things out perfectly.

Drowning with side bangs

The idea of ​​a trendy hairstyle after 60 years Ellen Barkin 67 years old

Same goes for the jaw-dropping bob with sleek long side bangs. To adopt this gorgeous haircut just like Eileen Parkin, also add volume to the top of the head by blow-drying with the volumizing round brush.

Trendy hairstyle after 60: lob with bangs

Fashionable hairstyle idea after 60 Olivia Newton-John 73 years

If your hair is in great shape and you wear it at shoulder level, the long bob, also known as a “lob” (long bag + bob), is just for you! Styled with curtain bangs or straight bangs, blonde, copper or brown, straight or wavy, this hairstyle stays on top as Olivia Newton-John proves.

High-end ideas about the eternal gradient of medium length

The idea of ​​a modern hairstyle after 60 years of Diane Sawyer 75 years

Finally, gradient is another trendy hairstyle after 60 years that simply cannot be missed by lovers of long or medium length locks. Wear it a la Diane Sawyer (pictured above) to soften the contour of the face and assure blondes know how to have fun.

Trendy hairstyle after 60 with flattering assorted lengths

Fashionable hairstyle idea after 60 years of Sharon Lawrence

Another flawless option is a layered cut like Sharon Lawrence or Alfre Woodard (pictured above and below respectively). They both show beautiful skin even after their 60s and show a lot of sophistication.

Curly gradient with bangs looks downright sublime

The idea of ​​a modern hairstyle 60 years after Alfre Woodard was 68 years old

Know that a ponytail for women with long hair is not out of place either, especially for a special occasion. Oprah Winfrey’s sophisticated look, which you can admire below, is the proof par excellence.

Curved ponytail for women with long hair

Fashionable hairstyle idea after 60, Oprah Winfrey 67 years

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