Wavy Wedding Hairstyle – Ideas for Short, Medium and Long Hair

The world of hair is constantly changing and there are new hair trends every year that we can’t wait to try. Often only the format or even the term used to designate it changes. We’ve already looked at how to wear a wavy bob like a true Hollywood star regardless of the occasion or our age. So today we’ll be exploring the twists and turns of another iconic look, this time for a more special event. Welcome to the world of wavy wedding hairstyle and its many looks, each one more elegant than the other!

As you can imagine, wavy wedding hairstyle can be made of any initial hair length. Long wavy hair can be worn loose, half updo or top depending on personal preference. Of course, the model of the dress is another important factor that plays a role in this context. For example, a simple and elegant wedding dress with an open back will look best in the company of a classic update.

Long hair curly hair

Wavy Wedding Hairstyle Long Shiny Hair

Have you noticed that falling hair is rarely a viable option when talking about sophisticated bridal hairstyles? Perhaps this is because, in the minds of the public, hairstyles usually adhere better to the dress code and formal etiquette as a whole.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyle Medium Length Copper Crown Flowers

In any case, you can calmly opt for long curls that go past your shoulders if that is your choice. For convenience, you can also choose to tie back only the threads adjacent to your face. Twist them by pulling them back for a flawless wavy wedding hairstyle.

Medium Length Wedding Bohemian Country Wavy Hairstyle

If you decide to organize a bohemian chic or rustic wedding, know that the “hair rules” to observe are less strict with these creativity-enhancing styles. Thus, hair accessories will be your best allies to break stereotypes and get a cool look. A lace headband, a flower tiara, a hair chain… These are just a few examples of the best additions to consider.

Wavy bun on copper hair: a flawless bridal hairstyle full of elegance

Low Wavy Copper Wedding Bun Mid Length Hair Idea

What is the wavy wedding hairstyle for medium length hair?

Short haircuts - short haircuts

On the other hand, if your hair is not long or short, we advise you to avoid loose-haired hairstyles altogether. A braided or classic low bun is an excellent solution that will give a lot of character to your festive look. Again, twist the strands and fix them with the help of guiche clips to freshen up your hair a bit.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyle for Short Medium Length Hair Dipped in a Low Bun

Even better, a slightly low bun is among the most romantic hairstyles you can imagine. Mysterious and light, modest and somewhat aristocratic at the same time, a shaggy bun represents a wavy wedding hairstyle that you should definitely consider if you want to be on top of current trends.

Half curly hair comb with roses

Wavy wedding hairstyle mid-hair half bun

Wavy wedding hairstyles ideas for short hair

Wedding Hairstyle Short Wavy Blonde Flower Comb

We’ve saved the best for last, and that is: wavy wedding hairstyles ideas for short hair. Not too long ago, wavy man isn’t aesthetically pleasing… However, slashes that don’t go beyond the jaw line look especially attractive and dreamy when modified with some hair waves! Guide ? Check out the pictures below!

Wavy Wedding Hairstyle Short Hair Roaring 20s

For example, if your goal is a Roaring Twenties-inspired wedding, your Charleston dress will be perfectly complemented by a 1920s hairstyle and headband decorated with pearls, rhinestones, and sequins. The more daring you two get to try out a pixie cut, a pixie cut and especially the slicked-back hairstyle as a creative variation of this period.

Wavy Wedding Hairstyle Wreath Short Brown Hair

Finally, flower tiara is the best head adornment for all brides who want a romantic and elegant look but above all natural and artistic. Of all appearances, when the floral crown is layered on top of a well-made wavy wedding hairstyle and when its blossoms match the blossoms of the bouquet, the result is truly gorgeous!

Wedding idea square wavy short hair parted on the side

Of course, if hair accessories aren’t your thing, skipping them entirely is totally possible. Simply enhance the style of your wedding wavy hairstyle with a blonde sweep on blonde (or a coppery sweep on a brunette), and add a side parting as off-center as possible and voila!

Green crown: a bold option that perfectly complements blonde waves

Wavy wedding hairstyle short hair wreath green leaf wreath

An updated half-knot is embellished with baby’s delicate breath for a very simple and elegant look


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