Unbelievable, discover these women who decided to have short hair and will never go back!

Nobody can believe the following pictures, because the advice women are always given is to let your hair grow extra long!

But so far, the images you’ll be seeing go against all these tips we can usually see: Are you ready?

This Russian hairdresser cuts all her clients’ hair to make them shorter!

In Russia, more precisely in Moscow, Kristina Katsapina decided to help thousands of women take full responsibility by cutting their hair. Then they find themselves overnight with new haircuts So amazing And the least we can say is that everyone is totally amazed to see the result!

We were able to see exclusive haircuts before and after to see that the result really lived up to the expectations of the women who passed the course. And the least we can say is that the shots were quite surprising, when we especially know that the result was obtained In a few hours. So if you are still hesitant to change your haircut, don’t ask yourself any more questions and go to this hair salon like no other.

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As the hairstylist says in an interview, the idea first came to her from some female clients who openly asked her to create different haircuts. Suffice it to say that the service was provided to the customers and that they did not expect to see such a different result.

Listen to this hairstylist’s advice for a prettier face!

If this Russian hairdresser decided to give only short haircuts to her clients, then this is definitely not an accident. In fact, over time, the latter has managed to develop incredible abilities to create faces with short hair that are all prettier than the other.

short hair
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She has made an amazing discovery by doing short haircuts for all her clients. Not only did the latter notice that their customers’ faces looked sharper than usual! For some women, it gives them a look that looks younger and more elegant. Although in France this method is not as popular as in Russia, it is gaining more and more space, and many women are wondering whether they should choose short haircuts or not.

short hair
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On top of that, it’s probably no coincidence that we see some female characters with short hair who do a pretty good job! One can especially think of Touche Pas à Mon Poste columnist Agathe Auproux who still has short hair to this day and who gets praise on social networks. Meanwhile, if you want to have a short haircut, we can only recommend that you go to your nearest hairdressing salon and seek help from a hairdresser. In fact, the trip to Moscow can be a bit long to get a haircut. In addition, since the opening of hairdressing salons that have resumed after the closure, it is a good way to support the local economy!

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