TPMP: Kelly Vidophile warns her subscribers about the dangers of tobacco!

Recently, Kelly Vidovili announced on TPMP that she has quit smoking. A decision to share with her Instagram subscribers.

Kelly Vidovili announced that at TPMP, she’s just decided it’s going to change her life. And in these changes, the columnist above all wants to quit smoking for the sake of her health. She was motivating her Instagram followers about it.

TPMP: Kelly Vidophile wants to change her life

It was the decision you announced on the TPMP group. young woman He wants to change his life. Then she came back with a new haircut and several new resolutions for the rest of the year. The first is to quit smoking.

I was like, ‘I’m going! I cut my hair, quit smoking“.I feel it is a new beginning for me.” Announced on the C8 range. But are these changes related to His alleged relationship with Cyril Hanoun ?

Anyway, the TPMP host didn’t hesitate to throw spades at him. ” What’s wrong with your boyfriend? » Reply to her sermon. Apparently Kelly Vidovilli didn’t appreciate his observation. But she continued to explain without hesitation.

I took the opportunity to ask myself. Watch the horizon. the lake […]. pond. I was lying in the sun. I asked myself a lot of questions and said to myself, Where am I going? » And apparently, after that moment, she He decided to arrange his life.

And the first point that the girl wants to settle is the cigarette. In fact, the beautiful blonde has been a smoker for a very long time. But this time, she decided to give her everything she could to get rid of this addiction. She talks about it to her followers on Instagram.

One goal: quit smoking

It’s been a while since Kelly Vidovelli It is no longer very much on TPMP. But she recently came back and intends to reveal it. She assures her social networks that she will really change her life.

And to show it to his audience, Appeared with an electronic cigarette To show that she decided to quit smoking. She even posted a front page story about vaping. Inside, she explains her choice.

But of course, quitting smoking takes time. So, in order not to suddenly quit nicotine, I decided to start vaping. A decision encouraged by its participants. It must be said that Kelly Vidophile encourages everyone to stop.

The goal: to be healthy and not putrefied by smoking. The young woman learned That there are 220 deaths every day due to tobacco. Impressive personality when you think about it. So it gave a lot of reasons to quit smoking.

It no longer smells of cold tobacco for example. Or no longer pay 10 euros per parcel! Because smoking these days is excessive. So just stop! Will Kelly Vidophile be able to live without cigarettes? For now, motivation is on top!

We’ll have to follow this closely on his next Instagram stories. Status to follow in the coming weeks. We wish him especially good luck on this project.

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