This Rachel Cut or this ’90s cut will be a hit in 2022

Need some inspiration for your next hair adventure? No problem ! Today, we present you with a retro haircut that promises to be an excellent solution for the coming months. We are talking here about the famous Rachel story or the story of the nineties, what are its characteristics and how is it adopted? To discover without delay.

Rachel’s Story: A successful hair trend from the ’90s is making a comeback

This is clearly a haircut popularized by Jennifer Aniston and Rachel Green on Friends. This type of hair was very popular during the 90’s and now it is making a comeback on the fashion catwalk. An unsurprising fact, considering the release of the special episode of the series in 2021.

A women’s story popularized during the 90’s by actress Jennifer Aniston

Hair trend 2022 A medium length haircut that has deteriorated

What distinguishes this cut from the ’90s?

In its original version, Rachel’s haircut is a medium-length haircut with several layers framing the face. It is characterized by a certain volume that is achieved with the help of hair dryers and hairspray.

The ’90s cut with a modern take: long layered hair that perfectly contours to the face

Modern 90s Hairstyle Layered Cut Curls

Rachel’s Cut: A retro-inspired women’s haircut trend

As with every trend, it didn’t take long to establish itself on the stars. And this madness, on the other hand, goes back a very long time. Among the first celebrities who dared to get the cut famous, we can mention Jennifer Lopez, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and Rachel McAdams. Recently, Selena Gomez, Hailey Bieber and many others have also adopted Rachel’s cut in a modern version.

Currently, it is adopted in revised and updated hues to give a touch of elegance to every face.

celebrity hairstyles 90s medium decadent cut

A degraded mid-length cut in a modern version

In its contemporary version, Rachel Green’s cut logically undergoes some modifications. Thus, the voluminous effect lends itself to delicately framing the face and layers that flatter it. Another review – the length is now more generous than before.

In its modern version, the ’90s cut emphasizes face framing, not oversize

Medium length loose hair with soft streaks for coloring

Rachel’s haircut: who is he for?

One of the biggest benefits of the famous mowing is its versatility. In fact, it easily adapts to almost every face shape. Thanks to the face frame, layered cuts are perfect for flattering an oval or long face. As a result, it works well with heart or square faces.

A mid-length layered cut that adapts to nearly every body type

Degraded in the size of women's short medium height

In order to make the most of the attractive and elegant effect of this hairstyle, it is also advisable to take a few minutes to style it. Otherwise, we risk staying in a comfortable and boring cut frame. The main secret is to play the action card. To do this, nothing could be simpler than doing an easy home brushing cleaning. All the beauty arsenal you’ll need includes a round blower brush and a setting product (hairspray).

Although Rachel’s story seems practical and relaxed, it does require some attention and determination.

Women's decadent cropped volume highlights the effect of wavy hair

’90s hairstyle: curly hair

To highlight Rachel’s story, there are many modern techniques. However, if you are looking for an easy and relatively fast alternative, here it is!

We work on wet hair:

  1. Start by drying the hair at 80%. For this, divide the hair into sections.
  2. Then, using a blower brush, blow-dry the lengths away from the face.
  3. Wrap each part around a bobbin and pin.
  4. Wait about thirty minutes.

What is the most popular way to show off a medium layered haircut? Homemade brushing!

Dilapidated short hairstyles woman 2022 trend roller home hairstyle

Highlighting her decadent feminine haircut with highlights

Soft, natural highlights are another staple of Rachel’s hairstyle. For this reason, if you bet on an original offer, you can also consider experimenting with your coloring. So adding a few threads framing the face is a great idea. To create more depth, consider adding a few lighter highlights throughout the hair.

Natural features framing the face are another distinguishing feature of the modern cut.

90s blonde hair highlights Rachel's friends hair

Why is Rachel’s style so popular?

In addition to its versatility, the timeless design proves to be the preferred solution for excellence. This harmonious blend of texture, volume and sunny color presents itself as a charming formula for an elegant and relaxed hairstyle. In addition, thanks to modern technologies and tools, it is easier than ever to design it at home.

Rachel’s cut is simultaneously versatile, elegant and feminine – making it a timeless hair solution that never goes out of style.

Celebrity Rachel Green Trend Shave Woman

Long, layered V-shaped hair around blonde faces

In its modern version, Rachel’s cut is all about layers around the face, not volume

Coloring with highlights about facial hair in the year 90's women

For an authentic display, nothing is more convenient than contemplating clear wicks

Hair color trend Dark roots Long decadent haircut

Star story of the 90s is becoming a very popular trend in 2022

Medium length blonde women's haircut

We do not hesitate to adopt it even in a shorter marginal version

Long, decadent cut with layers of bangs that have a great texture

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