These simple tips to prevent hair loss

The signs of aging don’t just appear on our skin. after 40 years, Our hair changes tooAnd it’s often not for the best. Our hair is getting thinner Density is lost. As a result, it undermines our morale, we no longer know how to style our hair. Fortunately, every problem has its solution, and there little tricks To combat hair loss and Keep your hair thick after 40.

Thick hair after the age of forty: the right routine to adopt

To maintain your beautiful thick hair, once 40 years have passed, you have to change and to adapt hair routine. Our hair doesn’t have the same vibe it did when we were 20, so we have to take care of it. To do this, we start by changing the products we use. Get rid of chemicalsOver time, which weakens hair follicles and changes the texture of our hair. We will separate the shampoo. It is important to maintain the natural pomade for healthy hair. If you usually wash your hair before bed, check it out Don’t go to bed with wet hair. Moisture increases the reproduction of fungi and weakens the scalp. We will present Small head massage Combined with oil that provides everything our hair needs to be healthy. Finally, it is necessary toAdopting the right brush for our hair type. Beautiful curly hair cannot use the same brush as smooth hair.

Thick hair after forty: these foods are our allies

If we have to modify our hair routine, we must also change our eating habits. Certain foods are key to preventing hair loss. Suddenly, For thicker hair after 40 yearswe will count chia seeds, which enhances the blood circulation of the scalp, ensuring better nourishment of the hair follicles. Its richness in antioxidants enhances the protection of fiber from pollution. You can also include a file pumpkin seeds They are an excellent source of B8, biotin that strengthens the hair fiber and promotes hair growth. The almonds They will also be our allies thanks to their magnesium content. It helps fight stress that leads to hair loss. Finally, the nettle powder It also should not be overlooked. When used this time in the care, it helps to regulate the production of sebum, which is essential for the well-being of our hair.


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