These five styles are the most fashionable for spring-summer 2022

The winds of change are blowing on hairstyle trends, and it feels good! Discover cuts that will make you want to switch up your look for sunny days.

At the end of winter, hair often needs a little help – and scissors – to regain its vitality. In addition to preventing split ends, this “spring cleaning” restores volume and shine.

Following the color trends, we invite you to discover the five hairstyles that will make you want to make an appointment with the hairdresser between noon and the hour.

Bottleneck margin

straight back from the seventies, Bottleneck margin It is an interesting option for all those who dream of bangs but fear the strict graphic effect of classic bangs. Thanks to an array of locks that precisely contour the face, it softens features and blends perfectly with all hair lengths.

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Mix cut

Born of love between genie pieces and mullet, and mixy This is the trendy short hairstyle for Spring/Summer 2022. Depending on your hair texture, it’s an easy cut that requires little maintenance: you can let your neck grow as much as you want, and touch up lengths that only fall to the face, about every six weeks

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The Bob He is the edgy little brother of Bob the Short. Depending on his taste and face shape, he wears it just below the ears or caresses the upper part of the neck. The good news is that it is suitable for all hair types, from the most straight to the most curly and frizzy.


The big piece

More than just a trend, the big seal – which can be translated in French as “la grande coupe” – statement. Concretely, it’s all about cutting your curly, frizzy or frizzy hair for a very short time so you can get it back to normal. Damaged lengths and distortion are eliminated in order to facilitate regrowth and healthy, bouncy hair.

Depending on your comfort zone and the condition of your hair, you can keep a few centimeters or shave your entire head.

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The shaggy cut Or shaggy is a very tapered cut that focuses volume on the top of the head, especially thanks to the presence of bangs. Trendy in the ’80s, it has a bit of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes you want to go pogo at a festival! Be careful though: it requires a minimum of thickness and texture to set completely.

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