These celebrities are cutting it all off and inspiring us

Zoe Kravitz, Monica Bellucci, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Robin Wright, Michelle Williams or even Kate Mara… Many of them have adopted the short haircut. Getty Images / Abaca / Madame Figaro

The boyish cut attracts as much as it scares. Its drastic aspect, like the time of regrowth, can discourage more than one person from adopting it. But on the celebrity side, there are plenty who have jumped. And to inspire us at the same time.

A pixie cut, a boyish cut, a boyish soul… Short hair goes by many names but symbolizes the same challenge: to let go of its lengths. A bold bet because the difficulty of regrowth can be intimidating. Especially if we are afraid to regret the scissors cut that will lead to a drastic transformation.

However, many celebrities who have tried the experiment regularly make us want to give in to it. Especially after the trend that XXLlong was promoted on catwalks, encouraged by months of confinement that kept us away from hair salons. You feel the urge to change your appearance: if a square is not enough, a boyish haircut is necessary. Who else gave up their lengths? Rihanna who, after adopting the famous mullet cut, recreated the pixie spirit she already tried in 2012. Which has worked fairly well.

After the mullet, Rihanna is back at the pixel-cutting. (Los Angeles, May 6, 2021.) abaca

Recently, it was Jennifer Lopez who surprised us on the magazine cover Speed . If we’re sure it’s a wig, then the singer has successfully dared this drastic transformation. Just like Monica Bellucci, who entrusted her brown lengths to John Nollet for an ultra-modern result in December 2019.

Hair: these stars who dared to cut their hair short

If these changes inspire us, other hair biases can be exciting, too. Charlize Theron, by daring to cut the pot with bi-colored soul (black roots and blonde hair), has evoked very mixed opinions. Just like Princess Charlene of Monaco and her half hawk haircut.

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Among the Courts’ most inspiring ambassadors are Michelle Williams, Kate Mara and Audrey Tautou. Finally, we also note the rock-solid inspiration of Kristen Stewart.

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